Monday, September 28, 2015

Fred Zed = PEDOPHILE = Proof in this thread, MUST read then Fred = Jail

Arkham Files

Name Online: Fred Zed
Also Known As: Pedo Fredo
Real Name: Francis Makupatti
Criminal Alias: Riddler
Business Contact: Te.rb
Alternate Business: Pe.rb, Me.rb
Known Partners: Tough B., Moderator

Criminal History:

The real name of this scum is Francis Makupatti.

He’s a pedophile. Here’s the proof on his pedophile crimes.

He maintains a secret forum on T.erb, so he and his pimp friends can talk about raping underage girls.

He also admits to stalking me.

I contacted the police about this issue, in case I have to press charges and put him in JAIL.

Finally, here’s some random business info about him.

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