Monday, September 28, 2015


I wanted to report a website called 

On this website, they advertise ILLEGAL activities in Canada, especially prostitution, and openly talk about prostitution services.

I have spoken to some ISP's in Toronto, including Bell Canada and Rogers Communications.

I have asked that they block the ILLEGAL website from their servers, reminding them they could face personal liability if they do not desist in hosting such filth.

I have also reported this website to the police at 222-TIPS, in the hope that they will be shut down.

I am starting my own blog, for the purpose of reporting this illegal website on google blogger, so that this ILLEGAL activity stops.

Thank You for hosting my rip-off report,



I managed to lock out 45 advertisers on Terb.

Most of them are nobody meat-bags, but I also got Nicole King, Chanel and that Vixens bitch Steph.


You can try it yourself, because you dum-dum-dummies are to stupid to figure anything out for yourself.

Cut and paste this link:

Then reset the password for these CRIMINAL FUCKS

Create a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and it all becomes CHAOS. I'm a agent of chaos. Oh, and the thing about chaos. It's FEAR !!!

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