Sunday, September 10, 2017

h t t p : / / m a p p s 5 7 a . b l o g s p o t . c a

Message To:

Toronto Police Chief
51 Division Staff
Residents who suffer from illegal pimping
Exploited young women who are victims of the pimps


We are Mothers Against Police & Pimp Scum, known as MAPPS. We were formed after one of our valued members was arrested for reporting illegal prostitution at 220 Victoria Street on March 6th, 2014 at 5:00 and brought to 51 Division under illegal false arrest.

The police explained that reporting illegal prostitution was harassment. When this member said she was threatened with murder, nothing was done to the pimps. The charges were later dropped, because the police are conducting an illegal cover up and were wrong to arrest this person simply for reporting illegal pimps.

This member found out that the police protect the pimps in the following ways:

Never shut down illegal prostitution businesses.
Never arrest the pimps.
Arrest innocent people who report the pimps and pimp activity.
Illegally extorting the pimps for cash and freebies.

I have informed the chief of police, the person in charge of 51 Division and the officers that arrested our founding member, about the following illegal prostitution at:

Exquisite Courtesan
761 Bay Street
Unit 2905
Buzz #180
416 - 832 - 1626

Garden Of Eden
386 Yonge Street
Unit 4808
Buzz 1344
run by a person identified as “Morgan”
416 - 410 - 5033

736 Bay Street
Unit 1502
Buzz - “George”
647 - 989 - 9849

Toronto Girlfriends
167 Church Street
Unit 1411
Buzz 8735
416 - 787 - 8558

20 Blue Jays Way
Unit 1815
Buzz 1302
416 - 966 - 6966

Because the police are also criminal trash, nothing will be done to the pimps, but the police know who I am, and I could end up in jail for harassing the police and their pimp friends.

Fuck The Police.

P.S. This message will be used as spam to shut down an illegal website called which is illegal for advertising the sexual services of exploited young women. Of course the police won’t shut them down, because the police are shit.

I'm a guy. My case is on canlii - HRTO-21447-I

When a woman said she’s a victim ( of harassment ), the poo-lice arrested me.

When I told them the guy in the mall threatened me, the poo-lice refuse to help. 

When I showed them the business license, proving she lied and sent her boyfriend to threaten me, ( his name is on the license ) the poo-lice told me they don’t care.

Because the poo-lice only care about white women, but when a man is a victim they don’t care - and that’s what they told me.


Also - I’m still mad at POO-lice for the following.

Obstruction of Justice = 2015-HRTO-1628 

[4] cover up of poo-lice video

Malicious Prosecution = 2016-HRTO-871

[15] The charge were not dropped by mistake, that dummy cop was scared of being sued so he made up evidence.

Negligent Investigation = 2016-HRTO-871

[19] The poo-lice refuse to conduct a proper investigation, because these dummy cops only care about women. When a man is a victim, these dummy cops don't care.

Refuse to investigate the website, the text messages the business license, etc.

Illegal Rulings = 2016-HRTO-1081

[12] The human rights guy admitted he covered up parts of my evidence to his garbage court - re:"I did not refer to all the specific details"


This abuse will NEVER be forgotten, people have a right to know about their garbage poo-lice, the garbage court system that backs up these uniformed thugs, and the GENDER DISCRIMINATION used to lock up innocent men at the behest of entitled, lying white chicks.

Plus she threatened me, because she is the real criminal ( and she’s trying to MURDER me - mind you ) and the poo-lice do nothing because she has a vagina.

F the POOlice.

My intention in posting what 'I may do', is to teach other people who are watching, how to handle similar situations, and to give the people who have committed criminal acts against me, a chance to apologize. You never know what a difference a sincere public apology might make in determining what happens in the future.

Well, back to the original topic of this thread, Chase and sp411.

After reviewing all the reporting I've done to LE and the government about Chase, I realized I'd never sent an official Cease and Desist letter to him.

You can check Chase's website to see his response to my C&D letter. I also sent one to Batman57's personal email address.


Chase aka *** aka SP411 CEO aka Administrator, sunshine aka Katrina aka Administrator, Odonnell aka Tara aka Super Moderator, Conway Stewart aka Super Moderator, blissful aka Super Moderator, Batman57 and,

April 12, 2017

Dear Chase,

I am writing to inform you that I am prepared to take legal action against you Chase aka *** aka SP411 CEO aka Administrator, sunshine aka Katrina aka Administrator, Odonnell aka Tara aka Super Moderator, Conway Stewart aka Super Moderator, blissful aka Super Moderator, Batman57 and, as a result of malicious defamation, harassment, threats, outing and bullying that has taken place on your website.

You were notified by PM, email and reported posts, of malicious defamation, harassment and bullying that was taking place by yourself Chase aka *** aka SP411 CEO aka Administrator, sunshine aka Katrina aka Administrator, Odonnell aka Tara aka Super Moderator, Conway Stewart aka Super Moderator, blissful aka Super Moderator, Batman57 and other members of against Lori aka escapefromstress aka Sarah aka Ms. Sarah.

You were provided with ample evidence to support Lori aka escapefromstress aka Sarah aka Ms. Sarah’s claims of malicious defamation, harassment, threats and cyberbullying, along with content posted on your site and other websites you read (proven by content you’ve stolen and posted repeatedly from other review boards) by Lori aka escapefromstress aka Sarah aka Ms. Sarah defining these online crimes, explaining Internet Law and the process for resolving these issues.

You chose to ignore her requests for help, allowed yourself Chase aka *** aka SP411 CEO aka Administrator, sunshine aka Katrina aka Administrator, Odonnell aka Tara aka Super Moderator, Conway Stewart aka Super Moderator, blissful aka Super Moderator, Batman57 and other members of to continue the harassment of Lori aka escapefromstress aka Sarah aka Ms. Sarah, thereby violating Internet Law and Canadian Laws governing online conduct.

The harassment, bullying, threats and malicious defamation are well documented and evidence has been prepared to give to a lawyer, Law Enforcement and the media.

I demand that you – Chase aka *** aka SP411 CEO aka Administrator, sunshine aka Katrina aka Administrator, Odonnell aka Tara aka Super Moderator, Conway Stewart aka Super Moderator, blissful aka Super Moderator, Batman57 and all other members of Cease and Desist from further mentioning, harassing, bullying, threatening or maliciously defaming Lori aka escapefromstress aka Sarah aka Ms. Sarah.

I demand that you immediately delete any and all existing and future threads and posts mentioning Lori aka escapefromstress aka Sarah aka Ms. Sarah from your website.

I am still contemplating future legal action including a Defamation Lawsuit, pursuing criminal charges for malicious defamation with criminal intent, cyberbullying, harassment and threats, and submitting an article to the media.

Lori aka escapefromstress aka Sarah aka Ms. Sarah has made every reasonable effort to educate Chase aka *** aka SP411 CEO aka Administrator, sunshine aka Katrina aka Administrator, Odonnell aka Tara aka Super Moderator, Conway Stewart aka Super Moderator, blissful aka Super Moderator, Batman57 and all other members of regarding Internet Law and Cybercrimes, she repeatedly reported the harassment, bullying and malicious defamation to the Administrators and Moderators at, and she was ignored.

Please attend to the requested thread and post deletions immediately, and ensure that no further malicious defamation, cyberbullying, harassment or threatening of Lori aka escapefromstress aka Sarah aka Ms. Sarah is allowed to take place on your website.

You have two weeks, until April 26, 2017 to make the requested deletions, and respond to this email with your written apology and assurance that no further harassment, threatening, cyberbullying or malicious defamation of Lori aka escapefromstress aka Sarah aka Ms. Sarah will take place on your website.

If I do not receive an apology and a response on or before April 26, 2017, I will be proceeding with further legal action after consulting with my lawyer.

Lori Wilson


Dog goes woof, cat goes meow.
Bird goes tweet, and mouse goes squeak.
Cow goes moo. Frog goes croak, and the elephant goes toot.
Ducks say quack and fish go blub, and the seal goes OW OW OW.
But there's one sound that no one knows...


Threaten guy in the mall.
Threaten guy in the mall.
Threaten guy in the mall.


Write fake emails to frame guy!
Write fake emails to frame guy!
Write fake emails to frame guy!


False Statement to police.
False Statement to police.
False Statement to police.


Big blue eyes, pointy nose, chasing mice, and digging holes.
Tiny paws, up the hill, suddenly you're standing still.
Your fur is red, so beautiful, like an angel in disguise.
But if you meet a friendly horse, will you communicate by mo-o-o-o-orse, mo-o-o-o-orse, mo-o-o-o-orse?
How will you speak to that h-o-o-orse, h-o-o-orse, h-o-o-orse?


White women are above the law. 
White women are above the law. 
White women are above the law.


Police will protect my illegal prostitution.
Police will protect my illegal prostitution.
Police will protect my illegal prostitution.


I can’t be sued or put in jail.
I can’t be sued or put in jail.
I can’t be sued or put in jail.


The secret of the fox, ancient mystery.
Somewhere deep in the woods, I know you're hiding.
What is your sound? Will we ever know?
Will always be a mystery what do you say?

You're my guardian angel hiding in the woods.
What is your sound? ( police misconduct, police misconduct )
Will we ever know? ( malicious prosecution, malicious prosecution )
I want to, I want to, I want to know! ( fuck the justice system )

So, that Select bitch threatens me, and her business must be destroyed...

Those dummies at Toronto 311 called me, and he told me "its the responsibility of the police to remove these businesses, not the city".

If I go to the police, they are AFRAID of organized crime, and say there's no proof Select is in 736 Bay Street. 

If I show them the proof, they will threaten to arrest me for soliciting prostitutes, but nothing happens to Select.

If I go to the building manager with the proof ( my cell phone ), he is AFRAID of organized crime, and therefore these are just guests...

... and then issue me a trespass order.

If I go to the city, its not their responsibility, because they are AFRAID of organized crime. 

If I bug them, I could be arrested for criminal harassment of city officials.

Result: Because everyone is AFRAID of organized crime, no one is willingly to bring down these DISGUSTING PIMPS and their dumb ILLEGAL BUSINESSES.

Meanwhile, I'm arrested for soliciting prostitutes, trespassing and criminal harassment. ( face palm ).

Pimps = WIN !!!

Little brown guy = LOSE ...

IN-Justice Is Served !!! Hooray !!!

Message to TRAC

Hello Agencies,

It's the Justice League.

Some of you pledged friendship to me, therefore as President of the Council, I'm requesting that the following agencies are denied membership:

Exquisite Courtesan
Garden Of Eden
Terb / Merb / Perb
Toronto Girlfriends

If they are allowed membership, I'll feel upset. 

You promised me you would be friendly to me, so carry out my instructions. This is not a request.

Wishing you the best of luck ( your gonna need it )


President and CEO of TRAC

King, Supreme Ruler and God of the Hookers.


Getting Back On Trac

Many people are asking about the council.

I can guarantee, the person with this idea is most likely Andy, yeah that Andy, and the founding members are all his friends. The leadership is already in dispute, technically the head of the council is also a founding member of their predecessor, the justice league of pimps.

The genesis of this group is they banded together to fight one person, a problem john who caused a lot of trouble, and kept emailing them numerous times with tons of demented garbage.

And so now they think they can bring respect to the industry. Is it real or just a smoke screen? Only time will tell. With all due respect, I wish them well, but in the history books of this business, most likely the website will disappear within a month.

Oh, and the problem john. It’s not who they say he is, but what he does that defines him.


Hello T.R.A.C.,

My name is Stephanie Lekowsky and I’m the owner of a pimp agency called Vixens.

I hired a woman who called herself Dallis, then she wanted to move on with her life and leave my company.

When she was leaving, I THREATENED her, by telling my husband Steve to inform her family that she is a hooker.

My plan was to make sure she felt scared she was outed to her family, so that she would remain a hooker and make me tons of money, and provide my husband Steve with her vagina every night.

Please forgive me for being an abusive pimp.
Please forgive me for trafficking hookers, by forcing them to work.
Please forgive me for my threats and abuse.

If the kind members of the council are not willingly to forgive there is a person named BATMAN, who may bring me to justice for my crimes.

I feel scared of the Batman.

Very scared.

vBulletin Message
The IP Address is:
The host name is:

Message From Sh eik, on ca e.rf:

“ This troll has been waging war on other forums as well as here but is quickly dealt with by the great moderators on this site. He has been threatening and harassing agencies, indies as well as other businesses involved in the adult entertainment. I am happy to hear that everyone is getting organized and fighting back. I understand the police already have been contacted by the troll numerous times as he has admitted it.

There comes a breaking point when everyone just gets fed up and starts to fight back instead of giving into the fear. What the adult entertainment industry does is not illegal in this country. The troll doesnt seem to understand that what he is doing is hurting the ladies more than anyone else despite his claims to the contrary.

Good luck Ms Sarah, if I can be of any assistance just let me know along with everyone else here. It's time to put a stop to the trolls. ”

My response:

Because of death threats and murder plots I can't be taken in, or else everyone will be questioned, and as soon as I'm free, I will destroy the entire sex industry.

My safety, versus MURDER, trumps everything else.

P.S. - I never threatened Ms. Sarah, and I have no idea why my "name" was inserted into the conversation. 

I'm only concerned with my safety versus the murderous pimps.

Not everything that happens to you dumbos is me.

Also: To the pimps

don't harm that chick. Come after me but leave Sarah alone.


Criminal Files

Name Online: Steve
Real Name: Dave
Criminal Alias: Ra’s Al Ghul
Business Contact: Vixens
Alternate Business: Hollywood Escorts, Avalon Talent
Known Partners: Stephanie Lekowsky

Criminal History:

Their business is formerly known as Hollywood Escorts.

A young woman named Dallis, who works at Top Drawer, told me this bitch Steph and her husband tired to force her to work as a prostitute.

When she tired to leave, Steph told her she would contact her family, to out her as a hooker, and Dave told her they would “get her” if she went to another agency.

Vixens people are also rumored for drug dealing.

Here’s a link to their criminal activities, as Avalon Talent Agency.

Poison Ivy

Criminal History:

I happen to know her husband owns a auto shop in Scarborough, and her personal address is along Greystone Walk Drive.

If you want to ask him, her husband is Julien, he can be reached at or

Here’s a picture of Nicole King, real name Nina

and her husband

Her birthday is

Former Businesses:

Romantica Ladies
Forever Young Escorts
Affordable Angels

Favorite Song:

Note: I was the one who completely DESTROYED Garden Of Eden. Fuck You Julien.

Arkham Files

Name Online: Jillian Hollander
Also Known As: 
Real Name: Christina Elizabeth ******************
Criminal Alias: Red Claw
Business Contact: Cupids
Alternate Business: 
Known Partners: Meatquake

Criminal History:

This bitch is a known bully, who bans johns who posts bad reviews. A former hooker also indicated her bitch attitude, and said directly to me “she’s not a nice person”.

She is also not to be trusted with personal info. I heard she put the real name and address of a hooker who used to work for her on the internet, thereby endangering her life.

Her’s info on her real age and personal phone number.

Finally, and maybe worst of all, she participates in a secret forum on T.erb, where they discuss some underage hookers working at her agency Cupids. She pays off the police to look the other way, but its one of the reasons her roster of girl is overblown, she hires the girls no one else can.

One of her underage hookers was a girl called Tricia. She also hired the underage girl, Brook, that brought down an agency called 4 - Play. Look it up.
He Fucked Me - Then I PAID Him

Hello Johns,

I’m a hooker called Chanel @ Exquisite Courtesan

I had to leave the sex industry due to the continued harassment of some psycho named Batman57.

He kept harassing me, so I had to put him in jail, but for the protection of my girls I also had to conceal my friend, Lolita. He said I made a false statement to police.

He also told the court I sent some guy to threaten him in the mall, then googled me and found out about my friend Renato Tonani in Scarborough and a business we own called R***** Entertainment.

I felt scared.

If Batman57 tries to book you beware. He’s a psycho. He also did the following.

Reported my business on Bay Street.
Reported my business on Victoria Street.
Reported my business on Yonge Street.
Made a blog about me and other Terb businesses.
Tracked me to my home.
Told my Mom and aunt that I’m a hooker.
Harassment by phone and email.
Tried to get the police to put me in jail.
Sued me in court costing me expensive legal fees.

In the end he fucked me completely, and not in the good naked way, but the abusive harassing way, and then I had to pay him 1,000 dollars as a settlement.

Now I know how you johns feel, as losers who have to pay for it...

ha ha...

xoxo Chanel

h t t p : / / m a p p s 5 7 a . b l o g s p o t . c a
Bad Mira’ge Experience - terrible customer service.
I decided to write this because it happened to me a couple of times with M’irage and FetishStudios and never happened with any other agency, never!!!

Ok, so I decided to see Lauren today during my launch break and got her booked for 12 (left office 10 min early), figured I could make the little man happy and fill my belly with food all within the hour (did that before with other agencies). 

Booking was easy and seamless. I called 3 min before 12 to let her know I was coming. She called me back at 12 and gave me the buzzer. I try do buzz but it says that the buzzer is wrong, I try again and again... Call the girl again, she says I'm at the wrong entrance (well there was nothing wrong with it in fact it had the place's name right above it), so I ask why wouldn't she tell me earlier which entrance I should use and I walk around the building. I buzz and there is no response, some lady walks up starts looking at the buzzer, tries to ask something... I buzz again, after a few dial tones door opens. As I enter the building there is reception to the left so I figured that's where the elevators are and walked down. Wrong guess, I turn around. Going right there are two choices, I take the first choice and it was wrong, I walk back certain that the final choice of direction would be the final. Now the girl said that I should take the middle elevator for the guests. I saw only two elevators, but the guest one said guests on it and it was very up high. After a couple minute wait I got inside and went up. At the exit there were two choices again. The condo doesn't have arrows and numbers as they usually do. So I go right this time. Wrong choice again. After some bouncing around I finally find THE DOOR. I knock and NOBODY answers. I looked at my watch and realized that I just spend 10 minutes bouncing around like a billiard ball because the agency did not provide a proper explanation on how to get to the unit only to find out that nobody would answer the door (the girls must have been taken by the anticipation of our date). 

I left frustrated, called the girl to tell her that I'm out and she says why didn't you call me when you were at the door. Well I did that once when I saw Bunny (she wouldn't open the door as well at different location, I actually kept knocking for 2 min) and the moment I got connected with the girl some old lady came out and wouldn't leave, she just kept staring at me and I had to try not to make it obvious that I was there to see sp, it was a shitty experience I don't want to repeat, besides, do you really want people to be calling you when they are at the door so that the NEIGHBORS can know that there is a BROTHEL next door??? Some agencies even let you open the door so that there is no knocking every half hour!!!

At the end the girl just laughed and said "you have a good monday too" WTF? You just kept me bouncing like a yo-yo and that's what you say to me at the end suggesting that my frustration is unfounded? I did not yell or raise my voice I just said that I was frustrated that they couldn't make it work as seamless as others do and that I left. She probably thought I was angry, I was not and I am not. I'm Frustrated that somebody can be so disrespectful of my time.

I'll think twice before calling M’irage again.

h t t p : / / m a p p s 5 7 a . b l o g s p o t . c a

Let`s take a look at what`s happened to Sh.eik during the past year and a bit in no specific order...

1. 4Play is busted and shut down over child prostitution charges. S.heik instead of laying-low, publically defends 4Play`s pimp who was arrested and is awaiting trial on chrages including holding an underage prostitute against her will and forcing her to work. Extra, unwanted attention is now brought to Terb.

2. Hughes Truss goes bankrupt. It seems that the companys CEO Hu.ghes was dedicating more time surfing Terb as his alias Sh-eik than running the business his father created almost 50 years ago.

3. Because of his daddy`s roofing business going under, S.heik loses his huge house in the Scarborough Bluff`s and also his pickup truck. He is now what you`d call middle class.

4. Sh.eik`s whore girlfriend Angela aka Raven of Exquisite, GOE and Cachet hooker fame decides she`s had enough of the useless retard and kicks his sorry broke ass to the curb. She is presently selling her body as an indy on Craigslist.

5. Paki Fred Zed has enough of Sh.eik and he too puts his foot down. Shei.k goes into hiding without an explanation, but the boards have gotten to him and he is no doubt burned-out. He is presently working as a salesman and hopes to create his own board someday. Don`t worry folks, he will return. He`s dedicated over 10 years to the Toronto sex industry and he can`t give it up. There`s no hope for the hopeless.

6. He is still a retarded, deaf ginger.

Lynn Ha = Disgusting Behaviour

Gotta say I've been totally disgusted by your cartoons mocking (T-xxx)’s problems, rumours of Fred's death, and portraying the other board owner and his troll buddy of being heroes for hacking (T-xxx). 

Extremely crass and classless imo.

You started that thread dissing (T-xxx). And you kept it going with your cartoons, all while giving a rim job to whoever "Chase" is.[/QUOTE]

No sarcasm here. I hate those stupid "fun threads". A lot of them are anything but.

Actually Lynn what happened was this. What you did was wrong, and here is why. [ EDIT ]

In other words your little cartoons show support for these actions and the people who seek to hurt people involved in the industry. And you did it to curry favor for the sole purpose to increase your business. 

I didn't have an issue with your harmless but generally annoying little threads. They were obviously within board rules. But this is far more serious. Something I'm quite concerned with. 

Quite frankly I have to ask what kind of a person would support these types of actions. And the only conclusions I keep reaching is someone who is a bad person. Someone who would be capable of the same actions. 

Truly sad.[/QUOTE]

X2 saw the same thing yesterday ,I put her on ignore today.

I've been dying to do that. Dont want to be unkind (and I am sure she has her many fans) but while I can simply bypass her threads she sometimes pops up on others ... How do you put someone on “ignore"?

Lynn, you're well aware that a certain troll harassed and threatened many people in the adult industry. 

And you think what he does is funny? I find your ignorance to be appalling and think you've disrespected everyone in the adult industry who's been affected by him.

But hey, you "enjoy" his threads so none of that matters, right?

Are you kidding? She openly praises, congratulates and encourages criminal activity! 

Day after day, week after week, month after month. This isn't a momentary lapse in judgement.

[QUOTE=SchlongConery;1359392] What is funny about hacking (T-xxxx)?
What is funny about making cartoons portraying someone you admit you "know the history and agree he is dangerous”?[/QUOTE]

Being blunt, when Lynn tries to renew her advertising, I think that everyone knows where Fred should tell her where to stick her money. Seriously Lynn, do your research you ignorant woman.

I'm sorry but it's high time that someone called Lynn out on her bullshit.

I know a couple girls who were affected because of his bullshit and to see Lynn act like it's all a big joke pisses me off. 

He's put the safety of people in the adult industry at risk and that stupid little woman acts like it's funny?!

vBulletin Message
The IP Address is:
The host name is:
__________________________________________________ ___________

My activities for December:

Internet Revenge

I cut the mailing list to the six illegal prostitution agencies that are friendly to me. That Carmen woman told me to cut her off the list, so now its five.

I was contacted by Toronto Police about my harassment complaint against Ricky Spanish. The cop told me to press charges in Peel Region.

Put the usual spam on Terb and those other dumb internet places.


Illegal Prostitution

I reported illegal prostitution by Maximum at 1121 Bay Street, by mailing the neighbors.

I reported illegal prostitution by Sassy at 167 Church Street, by mailing the neighbors.

I reported illegal prostitution by Select at 44 Gerrard Street, by mailing the neighbors.


The Pimps

I booked a fake appointment with that girl Alina@High Society. When I walked in, she smiled, because she remembered me. I sat down and told her I made a complaint about her and wanted my 70 dollars. Because she remembered me, she was calm the whole time, as she remembered I was friendly.

She said she would ask, then some really big dude walked in with a woman who identified herself as Carman Loren. He started to shout at me. He told me if I come back he’ll get upset and then they were talking like they would call the cops.

I have back-up plans in case I’m beaten, ( which is yell and scream in the hallway ), in case of police ( mention the stalking and murder plot ), and if I’m banned ( the voice altering device ), so I wasn’t too worried. I noticed I didn’t feel intimidated or afraid. 

I told big dude I would leave. My plan was to refuse to leave the hallway, but that didn’t happen.

When leaving I had trouble opening the door. As I played with the lock, this Carmen woman grabbed my shoulder, and handed me a 100 dollar bill. I told her thanks, then offered to give her 30 dollars I owe her. She smiled, because she thought I was scared, and gave me a hug. I told her I only want what’s fair because blonde girl gave me less even though I paid the same. She said she’s willing to be fair, and said I wasn’t banned, she said I could just ask nicely rather then make a big stink. Then she gave me another hug.

Big dude was standing there, so I motioned him to come over, and gave him a hug !!! After that I said “Its a Christmas Miracle” and then I left.


I went from there to near the airport. I had an appointment with Tatti @ TGF. My plan was to knock on the door to scare her, then refuse to leave the hallway. In my backpack was the “Go Away Hookers” sign, just in case. Unfortunately this conflict didn’t happen. 

I was nearby at a restaurant, but couldn’t leave because they were getting my bill. Also I was reconsidering, because I get scared, and this Ron guy seems very violent and angry. So I texted Ron “Batman - Get Ready”. Then I put the cell off.

When I turned the cell on, he left a voicemail I never listened to, and a text message saying:

and so the destruction of the sex industry continues ...


Toronto needs its true hero. I’ll either die a hero or live long enough to see myself become your villain. 

That’s what I can be. I’m whatever God needs to be.

You’ll hunt me, condemn me, set the pimps on me, because that’s what needs to happen.

Sometimes the truth about your disrespect isn’t good enough. Sometimes johns deserve more. Sometimes johns deserve to have their faith rewarded. I didn’t do anything wrong. 

I’m the hero Toronto deserves but not the one the pimps need right now. So you will ban me, because I can take it. Because I’m not a hero. 

I’m the silent guardian ( for people scared of organized crime )

The watchful protector ( for johns who deal with these low milage thefts )

A Dark Knight.
h t t p : / / m a p p s 5 7 a . b l o g s p o t . c a

The Job Of The Police


Arrest men for no reason
Write parking tickets
Collect big checks from the government
Beat people, deny people their rights
Shoot minorities ( like Ferguson )
Make friends with crack dealers like Rob Ford
Extort pimps for cash and freebies

Not The Police Responsibility:

Arrest criminal pimps
Shut down illegal pimp operations
Protect innocent citizens from pimping

... and now we know who the real criminal shits are - the police !!!


I reported the following activities and here’s what the dummy cops did ( or more like - didn’t do )

Assault: Ron @ TGF

The cops didn’t bother to check for fingerprints or ask witnesses, including a witness that said to me “I saw some fat, ugly, spanish boys creeping in the hallway”.

The good news is they install cameras in the hotel, that’s how the inept cops caught the assault victim at Quality Suites.

Technically I also helped her.

Death Threats: Nicole King @ Garden of Eden

Reported to 222-Tips, cops questioned her, but as usual, did nothing.

False Statements: Chanel @ Exquisite Courtesan

Reported to the dummy cops at 51 Division. Because of their illegal cover-up of my video tape, which proves the cops committed malicious prosecution, they refuse to arrest a white woman, because cops only like to arrest non-white men.

Harassment: Ricky Spanish @ Get Some Suga, Fred Zed @ Terb

Cops told me I’m reporting in the wrong place, did nothing.

Stalking: Ashley @ Eye Candy

Didn’t report this to the cops, but that ashley chick = HAWT !!! Flat chested though.

Trespassing: 33 Wood Street @ Maximum, High Society, Dream-makers, Roommates

I told the cops there’s at least 8 illegal brothel running out of this building, and I was sitting outside with a sign saying “GO AWAY HOOKERS” waiting to be gunned down. The cops showed up, and did they thank me for doing their job and protecting innocent people. No. The cop threatened to arrest me for trespassing. WTF !!!

Voicemails: Andy @ Mirage

Cops looked scared of the pimps, and said they would arrest me for wasting police time. 
WTF Sara so you think you're funny guy David Letterman with a Top 10 List? 

don't kid yourself, you have made too many enemies to count and your years of acting like a street level PIMP have finally caught up to you. Time to pay the piper you cunt.

See above. 

No "former RM SP" said anything, that was YOU Sara in damage control mode. I do note you have Kristen so scared she has to resort to kissing your ass on terb. In reality I know she can't fucking stand you and couldn't wait to leave. Why is she AND others scared? Hmmm let's ask Jazz/Carmen shall we? She recently posted on terb you went nuts and threatened to plaster her full pictures all over the internet to out her to friends/family. Of course it was deleted but anyone can ask her about it for TRUTH. You do same to almost everyone who leaves you lousy pimp. And you should hang your fucking head in shame for that & what you are doing to Heidi.

YOU Sara are the only ONE claiming that is not the case. Many well known members of terb have tried to post warnings and you had each and every one of them deleted.

That is YOUR mantra Sara all over this board. If so why are all the girls leaving and why are the ones still left so desperate for money? They tell anyone who will listen how dead it is. You are being smashed by the $100 asians and spanish who are every bit as good as any of your girls and they OWN Yonge/College now.

So you finally admit that you "watch the girls" and we all already know you have audio too which is fucking disgusting; see street level PIMP above. Will you ever admit to the hidden cameras in the rooms also? You know, the ones to make sure the girls don't give their #'s to clients or do extras for upsell $$ that you can't get your greedy hands on? Or to see someone like me do the unthinkable and counsel a crying unhappy girl and then I get banned? Thank christ all you have on me after all this time is a fake name and disposable phone, otherwise I'd hate to think of what you might try.

If you say so, then it doesn't surprise me you raised such a fucking twisted up dude.

See above. In addition to his bitter revenge threats perhaps he has an Oedipus Complex?

C'mon now you know HOF doesn't frequent your "upscale establishment". You and Andy have to make do with the likes of Demien, the biggest asshole SHILL on the boards.

Want to expand to a Top 20 List Sara? Bring it on because this is only the beginning. This ain't no one-little-girl-Heidi-show like you are trying to convince everyone. You have the dubious distinction of having a dedicated team outing you for what you really are. There's a blog floating around through the back channels for those of us, clients like me who buttered your bread loyally only to have you turn and treat us like shit. In addition to the mega grief you've caused to a lot of girls and now you are going to have to suck it up buttercup and take it like a champ.


Ashley Greene - Perfection

Chanel @ Exquisite Courtesan vs Batman57 re: CRIMINAL HARASSMENT

Oh my God, I just completely DEFEATED the justice league.

That pimp bitch tried to make a FALSE STATEMENT TO POLICE, and then had her pimp boyfriend threaten me in the mall.

After a long, terrible court journey, the result is:


They told me to sign a common law peace bond, but I refused, and demanded a trial.

They told me to talk to duty council, so I went and ate a donut and drank coffee.


I came back and demanded my police video, of police misconduct.

That old hag prosecutor said she is still dropping the charges, as its not worth pursuing.

Then I told them about the lies and death threats. The judge told me I could presue legal action at a later time.

Old hag prosecutor chimed in, and said I wouldn’t leave the hallway and had a sign saying “GO AWAY HOOKERS”. Why would I have a sign saying that ? The sign was faked by the threatening mall guy.

Before leaving I looked directly at the judge and said:





He looked amused and kinda gave me a smile.

The old hag looked ANGRY because I played the old bitch for the dummy she is. Her face looked like a mask of defeat. DUMB BITCH.


If the GOE owner threatened to kill you, let him try. No one has he balls to do it. Everyone is just so fucking threatening that's it's sickening. Unless it has something to do with the drug trade and the real heavy players are involved like the bikers, mafia, Chinese or Russians, it's just some loser shooting his mouth off.

If it is the bikers, mafia, Chinese or Russians, you should run far away and shut the fuck up. Those boys plays hardball. Just think of that SP they found dead in Caledon or the hooker found dead in the Port Lands both last year.
It's easy for you to say let him try but I feel sympathies for this guy and would be scared out of my wits to have agency or pimp threaten me with death. I know for sure I would report it , if not I would be worried everywhere I go for long time. More so if any drove girls to my house and knew were I live. 

I am getting turned off from the hobby by these agency pimps, lots of bad things happening and I hear about lots that don't even get published. toronto used to be such nice city for hobby, no one ever bother anyone and you hardly hear drama stories. now it feels more and more like Montreal, where I used to hobby a lot but no more. where it's all controlled by "certain entities" and now it's true a lot of that is here too sadly.

Anyways I send wishes of safety and peace to the batman57.


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