Friday, February 10, 2017

Lynn Ha = Disgusting Behaviour

Gotta say I've been totally disgusted by your cartoons mocking (T-xxx)’s problems, rumours of Fred's death, and portraying the other board owner and his troll buddy of being heroes for hacking (T-xxx). 

Extremely crass and classless imo.

You started that thread dissing (T-xxx). And you kept it going with your cartoons, all while giving a rim job to whoever "Chase" is.[/QUOTE]

No sarcasm here. I hate those stupid "fun threads". A lot of them are anything but.

Actually Lynn what happened was this. What you did was wrong, and here is why. [ EDIT ]

In other words your little cartoons show support for these actions and the people who seek to hurt people involved in the industry. And you did it to curry favor for the sole purpose to increase your business. 

I didn't have an issue with your harmless but generally annoying little threads. They were obviously within board rules. But this is far more serious. Something I'm quite concerned with. 

Quite frankly I have to ask what kind of a person would support these types of actions. And the only conclusions I keep reaching is someone who is a bad person. Someone who would be capable of the same actions. 

Truly sad.[/QUOTE]

X2 saw the same thing yesterday ,I put her on ignore today.

I've been dying to do that. Dont want to be unkind (and I am sure she has her many fans) but while I can simply bypass her threads she sometimes pops up on others ... How do you put someone on “ignore"?

Lynn, you're well aware that a certain troll harassed and threatened many people in the adult industry. 

And you think what he does is funny? I find your ignorance to be appalling and think you've disrespected everyone in the adult industry who's been affected by him.

But hey, you "enjoy" his threads so none of that matters, right?

Are you kidding? She openly praises, congratulates and encourages criminal activity! 

Day after day, week after week, month after month. This isn't a momentary lapse in judgement.

[QUOTE=SchlongConery;1359392] What is funny about hacking (T-xxxx)?
What is funny about making cartoons portraying someone you admit you "know the history and agree he is dangerous”?[/QUOTE]

Being blunt, when Lynn tries to renew her advertising, I think that everyone knows where Fred should tell her where to stick her money. Seriously Lynn, do your research you ignorant woman.

I'm sorry but it's high time that someone called Lynn out on her bullshit.

I know a couple girls who were affected because of his bullshit and to see Lynn act like it's all a big joke pisses me off. 

He's put the safety of people in the adult industry at risk and that stupid little woman acts like it's funny?!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Illegal Brothels:

167 Church Street, Unit 1411
386 Yonge Street, Unit 4808
424 Yonge Street, Unit 504
105 Harrison Garden Blvd, Unit 1211
736 Bay Street, Unit 1502
736 Bay Street, Unit 2011
761 Bay Street, Unit 2905
1121 Bay Street, Unit 809
717 Bay Street, Unit 408
570 Bay Street, Penthouse 4
220 Victoria Street, Unit 2104
20 Blue Jays Way, Unit 318
20 Blue Jays Way, Unit 1815
19 Avondale Ave, Unit 306

Art Mann = ( suicide )
Bonbons = Riley Grace
Carmen Loren @ HSG = M.ariana Laine
Chanel@ExquisiteCourtesan = Janelle Regier
Copcraigs = Burt
Femme Fatale = Jessica Brooks
Fred Zed @ Terb = Francis Makupatti
Garden Of Eden = Julien Jean P ierre = Danforth Village Auto
HOF = Kevin Fitzpatrick ( suicide )
Jillian @ Cupids = Christina M.orsehead
Justin @ Maximum = Alex
KBear = Brad = 905-270-4765
Lacey Lust = Shaylene Shaver
Lady Raven = Lenore Po
LadyTy = Teresa Yeoman
Mongrel 4U = Doug Little
Ms. Sarah = Linda Malcolm
Nicole King @ GOE = Nina Jean P ire
Peter @ Dream-m = Noel Kirk
Philip @ Toronto Passions = Philip T.sarnas
Ricky Spanish = Jim Coley
Riley Daniels = Shelly Ann Black
Sheiik @ Caerf = Scott H.ughes
Steph @ Vixens = Stephanie L.ekowsky
Sunshine = Katrina =
Taylor @ Mirage = Sharon ( hooker name - Brooklyn )
Wendy = husband - Steve Watso.n
Wilsonjso @ Caerf = Wilson Oliveria

h t t p : / / m a p p s 5 7 a . b l o g s p o t . c a

Let`s take a look at what`s happened to Sh.eik during the past year and a bit in no specific order...

1. 4Play is busted and shut down over child prostitution charges. S.heik instead of laying-low, publically defends 4Play`s pimp who was arrested and is awaiting trial on chrages including holding an underage prostitute against her will and forcing her to work. Extra, unwanted attention is now brought to Terb.

2. Hughes Truss goes bankrupt. It seems that the companys CEO Hu.ghes was dedicating more time surfing Terb as his alias Sh-eik than running the business his father created almost 50 years ago.

3. Because of his daddy`s roofing business going under, S.heik loses his huge house in the Scarborough Bluff`s and also his pickup truck. He is now what you`d call middle class.

4. Sh.eik`s whore girlfriend Angela aka Raven of Exquisite, GOE and Cachet hooker fame decides she`s had enough of the useless retard and kicks his sorry broke ass to the curb. She is presently selling her body as an indy on Craigslist.

5. Paki Fred Zed has enough of Sh.eik and he too puts his foot down. Shei.k goes into hiding without an explanation, but the boards have gotten to him and he is no doubt burned-out. He is presently working as a salesman and hopes to create his own board someday. Don`t worry folks, he will return. He`s dedicated over 10 years to the Toronto sex industry and he can`t give it up. There`s no hope for the hopeless.

6. He is still a retarded, deaf ginger.

h t t p : / / m a p p s 5 7 a . b l o g s p o t . c a

Customers offering to POST POSITIVE Reviews for discounts or ++MILEAGE
Hi Fellow Hobbits,

So I just got back from a wonderful 3 day K-POP bender to YYZ this past week-end. I went to see one of my ATF's and a couple of other K-flavours that I have experienced in the past in YOW/YUL/ or was highly recommended to me by terbies on SMS.

Everything about this trip was excellent in ALL my sessions EXCEPT for one thing that was said to me, and confirmed with other k-gals, about some terbies and their offers of assistance.

It seems that some terbies with known handles (which shall remain nameless as it was passed from k-gals to me) are going around and "offering" their SHILLING (write glowing reviews for them) services in exchange for YMMV++ or asking for a di$count off future visits.

I did not want to float these unsubstantiated claims out here, but it was bothering me on the drive home. If true, I personally feel this is wrong on so many fronts, as I feel these terbies are being opportunistic and taking advantage of the gals desperation/ or greed for $$, as an opportunity to get a discount for their services. (I know there is nothing wrong with asking for a discount as I do the same in ICN night markets overseas like Itawon, Namdaemun, car dealerships etc...). I want to save money as much as others out there, but this is one avenue I will not go down. That's just me.

Of course it is the k-girl's choice to do as she pleases, as 2 of them have told me they accepted these offers to pump up their volume$. Ultimately these are "business" transactions that hugely benefit both parties. If the girl is okay with it, who am I to pass judgement I guess.

But, I just had to get it off my chest. Please don't flame me as I was curious to see what others thought about this practice by some of our hobbit brothers, and is this more common occurrence than I know?

No need to worry about exposing my fellow hobbits as that is in NO way my style, and in doing so, may end up hurting the k-gals in the industry, which is the last thing I would want to do. After all, it's their body, and their choice.

Best Regards,

True Review of Victoria Catherina #(416) 700-6695

There's no use posting this on any other review board because it will just be taken down or torn to pieces by her lapdogs and that's not going to happen here I'm sure.
Curiosity of this one got the better of me, and as the ultimate TOFT I decided to book a 2hr session with her just to see if she's all they claim, and she's not.
Tits are warn like saggy deflated milk bags. Mouth that never stops flapping with drama and lies. You'll shove your cock in it just for a bit of peace and quiet, not because you're turned on believe me. Shit talking, gossiping, and bad mouthing about other sps non stop. Her pussy smells worse then her breath and that's really fucking bad! Sour, nearly bitter taste downstairs made DATY impossible, and her rancid coffee breath made DFK a nightmare.
This chick kept bragging about things that no one would ever care about, talking about how wonderful she is, how perfect her life is, and how other girls are poor unfortunate souls that will never amount to the greatness she's accomplished in her life. ffs woman stfu!
I tried like hell to fuck her and at least get some of my moneys worth but it was too late. I was so turned off from her lips (both sets and in numerous ways) I couldn't wait to dismount and get the fuck out of there.
I pretended I got an important call from work and left a hhr early. Didn't care about the cost. I just wanted out!
Called one of my stand bys, booked a quick hhr and got 500x better for less then a 1/4 of the price.
VC face 4/10 (could be a 6 or better if she put a little effort into it)
VC body 8/10 (I like curvy girls)
VC attitude 0/10 (my skin still crawls when I think of that day)
VC atmosphere 7/10 (decent location)
repeat not even if she paid me!
She may have been on special but I'm telling ya there is nothing special about VC!

So there you have it, a true review. The good, the bad and the stinky on Victoria Catherina #(416) 700-6695 save your money!

VC if you ever read this take a lesson and not an offense from it. Keep your mouth shut about other working girls and keep the drama out of your job. No one wants to hear about it and if we did we'd either read it ourselves or ask you directly, and proper hygiene goes a long way in this game. Douche. Brush your teeth and just be clean when you take a call god damn it! There's nothing worse then going down on a girl and wanting vomit due to the smell.


Illegal Prostitution

Exquisite Courtesan

761 Bay Street
Unit 2905
Buzz # 180

h t t p : / / m a p p s 5 7 a . b l o g s p o t . c a

Congratulations Mr. Pete McCay and Conservative Government for your wise decision to finally take a stand and protect our young women from the dangers of prostitution.

On the laws specifically, I would like to applaud the following:

x - Not to operate anywhere near someone younger then 18.

Now my kids can feel safe in the apartment building where they live and walk safely to school without being asked if they “want a good time”. 

x - Don’t advertise sexual services.

Finally the internet will be cleansed of explicit images of naked prostitutes exposing their tits and pussies for anyone, even young kids, to see.

x - Anti - Pimp Laws.

Now if men want to make money in the sex industry, instead of exploiting others, all they need to do is bend over and relax.

Cum in Mouth WITH SWALLOW anyone ???

x - Anti - John Laws.

Forget fines, these rapists should be locked away, in a place where they can have tons of sex, for free, as long as they spread their ass cheeks and lube their bum bum.

Perfect for them and their sex addiction. Unlimited greek.

P.S. When I ask a prostitute for a “menu”, ( where she will still be paid to do nothing ), it will be at her low wage job at McDonald’s, and yes, I do want fries with that shake.

Hooray !!!



Well, I tell you criminal scum how its going...


Let’s take a tally of the damage so far:

Bonbons - Closed for good.

High Society - Stopped posting their schedule.

Toronto Girlfriends - Fucking Ron has his neighbors to worry about. That was me.

S.P..4..1.1. - Those bitch moderators chose to dis-respect me again, and I threatened back reviews, plus I outed that jerk “Mongy”, so he got scared and left.

C.a.e.r.f. - I made my ( un ) pleasant return, but no one is on that BORED. Stupid fucker Oce-ANUS left, so now it just 10 circle jerk losers blowing each other.

... and there’s 


Stupid fucking Fred shut down his website, and I shut his registration for two weeks. He’s only let in maybe 10 people.

... and I HACKED into his accounts, making me INVINCIBLE.

That fuck will have his website destroyed, and when he is DESTROYED, the whole fucking sex industry falls with him.


Take that fucking pimps.

Message to TRAC

Hello Agencies,

It's the Justice League.

Some of you pledged friendship to me, therefore as President of the Council, I'm requesting that the following agencies are denied membership:

Exquisite Courtesan
Garden Of Eden
Terb / Merb / Perb
Toronto Girlfriends

If they are allowed membership, I'll feel upset. 

You promised me you would be friendly to me, so carry out my instructions. This is not a request.

Wishing you the best of luck ( your gonna need it )


President and CEO of TRAC

King, Supreme Ruler and God of the Hookers.


Getting Back On Trac

Many people are asking about the council.

I can guarantee, the person with this idea is most likely Andy, yeah that Andy, and the founding members are all his friends. The leadership is already in dispute, technically the head of the council is also a founding member of their predecessor, the justice league of pimps.

The genesis of this group is they banded together to fight one person, a problem john who caused a lot of trouble, and kept emailing them numerous times with tons of demented garbage.

And so now they think they can bring respect to the industry. Is it real or just a smoke screen? Only time will tell. With all due respect, I wish them well, but in the history books of this business, most likely the website will disappear within a month.

Oh, and the problem john. It’s not who they say he is, but what he does that defines him.


Hello T.R.A.C.,

My name is Stephanie Lekowsky and I’m the owner of a pimp agency called Vixens.

I hired a woman who called herself Dallis, then she wanted to move on with her life and leave my company.

When she was leaving, I THREATENED her, by telling my husband Steve to inform her family that she is a hooker.

My plan was to make sure she felt scared she was outed to her family, so that she would remain a hooker and make me tons of money, and provide my husband Steve with her vagina every night.

Please forgive me for being an abusive pimp.
Please forgive me for trafficking hookers, by forcing them to work.
Please forgive me for my threats and abuse.

If the kind members of the council are not willingly to forgive there is a person named BATMAN, who may bring me to justice for my crimes.

I feel scared of the Batman.

Very scared.

h t t p : / / m a p p s 5 7 a . b l o g s p o t . c a

An important message from c-36
Well, the day that the world was supposed to end has now come and gone and I believe that it’s about time that we lay it all on the table and look ahead to the days ahead into the realities of post C-36.

Over the years many of you have met me at the various industry parties, spoken to me over the phone for one reason or another or you know me personally. For those who might be new and don’t know me, the one common denominator that you would establish from all who do know me is that I am a straight up, no bullshit, tell it how it is and how I see it, shoot from the hip kind guy. That can’t be disputed. And as the operator of one of Canada’s (not just Toronto’s ), but Canada’s, largest and most reputable agencies, we are considered by many, as being industry leaders. I have more than a few years of experience in this industry as well as operating in the USA where it is much more illegal in all aspects than here in Canada. The states is booming busy even with their stricter laws. 

We didn’t start planning for this day just last week. No, on the contrary, Mirage along with some other popular and reputable agencies (friends of mine), have been on the go dealing with this for over a year now. Yup, from day one when this law was first introduced as a bill. And I’m sure even the agencies that I am not familiar with, along with the most reputable SPAs have been working feverishly all year to prepare as well. We have had countless meetings, spoken to many industry experts, law enforcement officials, politicians and many many lawyers, including some that were the key lawyers in the Bedford decision. We have spent an enormous amount of time, effort and needless to say…….money, educating ourselves so that we can continue to serve our amazing group of ladies, and our loyal client base in a safe, discreet post C-36 environment. 

Changes. As some of you might have noticed, many agencies and SPAs have now cleaned up their websites. Photography has been toned down (no more patented Mirage snail pussy shots lol ), no reference to escorting, no references to sexual services or services available. It’s the new reality going forward, but we will all cope. New clients to agencies will just have to do their own research as to service levels, you will not be given any response to sexually explicit questions in emails, texts or over the phone. If you are a regular and or loyalty member and my phone staff has dealt with you before, is comfortable with you, they will be a little more entertaining to you. 

The industry has now changed. The ladies at Mirage do not work for us. They are all freelance independent contractors. They choose their own schedules and set their own fees. WE WORK FOR THEM. They advertise on our website, and we provide security and accommodation for a fee if needed. We are no longer an escort agency, amongst many different divisions of our company, we are a companion referral and security service. EACH AND EVERY SERVICE THAT WE PROVIDE THE COMPANIONS IS OFFERED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. We are a multi service entertainment company and have amalgamated all of our companies under one umbrella and ON A NEW WEBSITE. ( KUDOS TO FEMME FATALE, amazing job)

Safe guards for your privacy and discretion. ALL of the staff here at Mirage are either family, very close friends of mine or have been employed here since the very beginning, DAY ONE. It is a very close, tight knit group of the best and most experienced in the industry. We have one central booking landline. No individual cell phones that store texts, emails, etc. to clients. At the end of each shift, all info on the phones that we communicate with the girls with are erased. 


We still require a contact number to make bookings. At the end of the day, if your booking went smoothly, we will delete your number. If you were an asshole and we consider you dangerous, we will keep your info for the security of the ladies. Should you want to join our loyalty program, we will give you a code, or note the last 4 digits of your number, the choice is yours.. Some of the guys that hobby use disposable burner phones for added piece of mind. 

Agencies have had great value, we served a purpose. Especially to law enforcement. Over the years I have put a couple of pimps in jail ( had myself and my family threatened by them afterwards), co-operated with police with missing ,run away girls, sheltered girls from abusive relationships, gave them free shelter until they got back on their feet, and helped set one that was trafficked FREE. Agencies work very closely with law enforcement, we keep the girls safe, off of the streets, and in the end, that’s their biggest concern. Over the years the police have visited our incalls to check up on the girls, the police know me by name and have even been to my home. They know me well and how I operate my business. 

TRAC (……… I’m very pleased to announce a new organization that was set up by a group of reputable agency owners and myself to monitor our industry and to have an outlet for companions or clients to voice their concerns about their agencies and to get issues resolved fairly by an independent counsel.

Honestly, I had no clue what the first couple of days post C-36 would be like, but yesterday was busier than ever and today is no different than any other Sunday in terms of phone calls or bookings. Clients are still calling in to join the loyalty program. I have been hearing the same from some reputable SPAs and other agencies as well. Even with all the fear mongering and hearsay on the boards, it seems that guys have been reading the tons of articles from the press about this new law and have realized that it is a very unpopular law with not only many cities across Canada, but with many police services as well. This law is stupid, self-serving, and unconstitutional and will put many women at risk. This hobby has always been illegal, it was even illegal to have been found in a common bawdy house. Yet was never enforced…….. for the same reasons, that in my opinion, it’s not gonna be enforced any differently now. 

Bottom line guys, do your own research, don’t listen to agency/Spa owners that have a monetary business interest in all of this, or listen to doomsday/it’s the end of the hobby types. Chances are very real these guys don’t even hobby anyway. Assess your own risk tolerance level with your own personal situation and make your own decision as how to proceed…. if at all………….. or just sit back and wait until you are comfortable again. As always………….happy hobbying



Nah, i think that its MPAsquared that has an issue with hotels and condos, cause the escort industry has kicked the living snot out of massage parlours over the years. Cops have visited every incall in the city at one time or another on bogus tips of underaged girls etc. by certain people, *cough cough*............and they visited when operating a common bawdy house was illegal, and living off the avails was illegal or being found in a common bawdy house was illegal. They made sure the girls were of age, AND SAFE..............then said they will continue to do after Dec 6. Just my 3 cents.

God Bless..............Andy


lol, i guess what the 15 or so girls that apply here weeky from these leading brp's as you call them must all be mistaken about how busy their spa's are. i apologize if i offended you. And the conspiracy theories and bullshit you are referring to is well known and documented. Unfortunately, i seem to be the only one that has the balls to bring it up. Look, ive had my battles over the years in this industry, ive rescued girls from violent pimps, who threatened me and my family, succeeding in putting some in jail, rescued trafficed girls from other countries that applied to our agency and assisted the police with runaways and underaged girls, helped girls escape and gave free shelter to many that were in abusive relationships. So please dont preach to me about what the police will be looking for. i did my time in the trenches, more so than most. and i wont even mention how many i helped get out of the industry and into mainstream jobs. So ya, you might not know me from a hole in the ground, but this industry does, and so does the police. You take care now.

God Bless.................Andy
I have a plan to help you

Hi Ricky,

I have a plan to help end the war between GSS and 4 1 1, and I’m proposing the same plan to Chase today.

If you agree to this and Chase doesn’t, you will be a hero and he will be hated. If you both agree, then everyone wins.

I am offering to become a member of your board with my Ms. Sarah handle. This will prove to everyone that I’m not taking sides.

I am asking you to post a thread stating the following:

· Admit you’ve made mistakes.

· Apologize for outing other industry members.

· You will no longer allowing outings to be posted.

· You will delete all posts that have outed people.

· You will ban anyone who attempts to out others from now on.

I am asking you to open up your board to new members.

There will always be people who hate you. There will always be people who will never forgive and never forget, and you might still face legal consequences.

But there will also be many new members who don’t know and don’t care

We all learn from our past mistakes and move on.

I stopped reading your board a week ago (too much stress in life already).

Please contact me at or, to let me know when I can join your board, or if you have any questions.

Thank you for considering my request.


 02-13-2014, 01:45 AM

Posts: n/a

Ms. Sarah.

Can you STFU already. No one cares. I'm the same guy you harassed, and I was sick of you days before you sent me your stupid request on Care-f to talk, and I'm getting even sicker of you now.

No one cares about your stupid crusade to help people because these fucks are not in danger of harassment, rape, murder, because no one cares about a bunch of butt ugly meat-bags, including yourself.

Get a life bitch. If you just log off and wait a month, when you log in you will see NO ONE WILL MENTION YOU OR EVEN NOTICE YOU ARE GONE.

You claim to be intelligent, but you are a stupid person, and you want to draw attention to your dumb theories about saving people and legal action, and EVERYONE has read your crap. Now it is up to THEM to take action, not YOU.

Let THEM defend themseleves, while you LOG OFF and go back to the psycho ward like the crazzzzzzzzzy bitch you are. You hear me bitch, LOG OFF, you dumb psycho.

stupid cunt, stop the crazy. GET HELP. You are more fucked up then me, and I'm "DESCARTES" the craziest fucker out there. GET HELP.
Legal Advice

Hello Friends,

I filed a lawsuit against Chanel@Exquisite Courtesan, because she made FALSE STATEMENTS to the police, and I deserve compensation for the stuff she put me through.

I had to leave my name, address and phone number on the court forms.

Now she’s harassing me, by spamming my phone line and made DEATH THREATS to me on the same phone.

I asked the police to help, but because I’m a guy, of course they won’t help. I told that dummy police officer they only protect white women, not men.

I’m going to have to file for a peace bond against her.

Please be careful of Chanel @ Exquisite Courtesan, she is a very dangerous pimp.

If the GOE owner threatened to kill you, let him try. No one has he balls to do it. Everyone is just so fucking threatening that's it's sickening. Unless it has something to do with the drug trade and the real heavy players are involved like the bikers, mafia, Chinese or Russians, it's just some loser shooting his mouth off.

If it is the bikers, mafia, Chinese or Russians, you should run far away and shut the fuck up. Those boys plays hardball. Just think of that SP they found dead in Caledon or the hooker found dead in the Port Lands both last year.
It's easy for you to say let him try but I feel sympathies for this guy and would be scared out of my wits to have agency or pimp threaten me with death. I know for sure I would report it , if not I would be worried everywhere I go for long time. More so if any drove girls to my house and knew were I live. 

I am getting turned off from the hobby by these agency pimps, lots of bad things happening and I hear about lots that don't even get published. toronto used to be such nice city for hobby, no one ever bother anyone and you hardly hear drama stories. now it feels more and more like Montreal, where I used to hobby a lot but no more. where it's all controlled by "certain entities" and now it's true a lot of that is here too sadly.

Anyways I send wishes of safety and peace to the batman57.


KBear = real name BRAD = ( 905 ) 270 - 4765 or ( 416 ) 254 - 7808

I am writing a report about the abominable working conditions during my brief employment at Cachet Ladies in Toronto. Cachet Ladies ( has offices in Toronto, Montreal, & Vancouver and purport to be a VIP Event Planning Top Model Escort Agency. I inquired about employment during the summer, as I had been accepted to begin my Masters degree in January. I had previously held employment in corporate environments and made the decision to enter the adult entertainment industry due to a large debt load I had incurred during my undergraduate. The debt load had become unmanageable and I made a rational decision to use this as an avenue to relieve some of the economic distress, as the industry can be quite lucrative. As an educated person, I was met with instant interest from the agency; I met with one of the owners and was formally invited to join the agency after an initial meeting. I had looked into other agencies and was originally drawn to Cachet Ladies because of the above average pay scale: top models earn $400+ an hour (the agency keeps $175 of this amount) for their services. The first thing I noticed that should have been a red flag to me was that I was not given a copy of my employment contract. Furthermore, coming from a background in public health, I was extremely surprised and weary that there was no medical examination necessary to gain employment --the agency does not require that you have a clean bill of health. There is no guarantee that the person you engage with at the agency is healthy: that person may very well have an STD or STI. It was not even recommended or encouraged that the females get regular physicals. I think that from a top agency, this should be absolutely mandatory, however as you will see from this report, Cachet Ladies is not the high-end agency it claims to be. The practices are shady, inconsistent, and unprofessional. 

As an educated individual using this solely as a route to eliminate my debt quickly and progress to the next stage in my education unscathed by economic disparity, I quickly learned that this was not the type of environment conducive to progressing in society. The female owner of the company is extremely aggressive and dehumanizing to the workers. Many of the female workers expressed extreme discomfort about her abusive outbursts. She also frequently makes humiliating remarks about the clients. Often drivers would reveal personal and confidential details about the regulars, showing complete disrespect for their discretion and privacy. This is not an agency that cares about the health and well-being of their female workers, nor is it the type of agency that provides respect and courtesy to the regular and loyal clients. They charge exorbitant fees for those clients that opt to pay by way of credit card ($480) and actively encourage their workers to manipulate the clients into extending and bringing more girls into the calls. They will ploy the customers by incrementally adding $5 to each hour, so that after 4 hours the fee is $495 an hour. The agency is particularly exploits the client and worker when the method of credit payment is used, as the pay scale is reduced to $200 (instead of $225 when the client pays cash), meaning the agency receives $280+ from the transaction, excluding fees paid to the institution. 

Not only is Cachet Ladies extremely profiteering, they are disrespectful and exploitative of the female workers, actively encouraging drug use and alcoholism. During my time there while waiting for calls, I would try to maximize my time by reading and preparing for my academic semester. The other girls there found this peculiar and would often give me looks or glare at me as they would read fashion magazines or lounge around watching TV. Most of the girls occupied their time listlessly as they waited for calls, sometimes not getting any work for the evening. They would sit around idly and gossip about other girls and regular clients. I was met with a lot of hostility for remaining focused and spending my time reading while at the agency; I could very well have been one of the only educated girls there. The culture did not encourage academic advancement. It did, however, encourage drug use, female aggression and poor medical and health practices. Females often presented as rough and aggressive, not at all well-mannered and proper in behaviour and attitude. I believe that this dynamic could be improved, however due to internal competition for clients with the girls, the environment can be very tense. Many of the girls complained about their poverty due to their diminished bookings, claiming they had not paid rent or were falling behind in their economic obligations. Again, not something to be expected from a top agency.

 By the time I left Cachet Ladies, they had downgraded some of the "top models" ($400/hr) to "glam models" ($300/hr) to get them in calls, due to the fact that business was so slow. Many of the girls complained that they were getting no work and that the agency was not performing and delivering. I believe this is because of the poor management and failure to retain high-end and educated females that boost the morale and working conditions. Rather, the owners are frequently absent, usually on trip to exotic destinations, only making appearances to hound and hassle the female workers into fearful subservience and apprehension. The female owner takes every opportunity to intimidate and threaten the female workers, throwing around comments about firing people endlessly, causing great distress and degrading the status of the workers, who often turn to drugs and alcoholism to cope, rather than using the lucrative earning potential to make positive and healthy life choices. Not only that, most of the male drivers earn more than the escorts! They are paid to drive the girls to and from home and different calls. 

While the girls are destitute, sitting listlessly as they wait for calls, making trips to the washroom to snort cocaine, the drivers are profiting more than they are (over $1,000 a week part-time), pressuring the girls to give tips from their hourly rate to safely drive them to and from home. If you do not call in to get picked up by a driver, you quickly get in the bad graces of the drivers and may risk being fired for not contributing to the income of the drivers. The environment is very tense and unsettling, with zero respect for the privacy and discretion of the clients, nor the dignity and respect of the workers. I once tried to engage the owner in discussion and she made every attempt to degrade and humiliate me. One of the girls there later commented that it was because I was not "gangster" like the other girls. I was different for being classy and educated! 

Clients: This is definitely not the place to go if you are looking for a healthy, well-adjusted and educated women. If you are a regular, you will be gossiped about by the owners and workers --there is zero privacy or discretion. Female workers: this is not the place for you to work if you are serious about advancing yourself socially, as you will be treated very poorly by the owners and reception staff: they will take every opportunity to humiliate, degrade and diminish your self-esteem, making even the lucrative potential of the job unappealing. The management is terribly and due to their lavish vacations and frequent trips, often fail to actually tend to the business, failing to update the site or make efforts to appeal to a broader client base. Instead, they resort to intimidation and threatening to keep their female workers confined, even when there is no business, due to their failure to respond to changing market conditions. I was met with hostility and resistance for asking politely that my pictures and profile be updated on the site when I first started the job. The owner did not seem to take the job seriously and grunted like a teenager being asked to do a chore as she begrudgingly uploaded my pictures on the site. She then took to abusing me and criticizing me in defense of me even having the "gull" to ask her to create a media presence --something that should be ABCs for a business owner, but as should be clear from this report, Cachet Ladies isn't running a "business", what they are doing is undermining the trust of their clients, female workers, and society at large with their poor management & working conditions. 

I would highly advise against supporting this agency by becoming a client or a female worker. I suspect that they will be out of business soon, anyway, by the looks of things when I left. This is definitely not a high-end or upscale environment.

Art Mann = ( suicide )
Bonbons = Riley Grace
Carmen Loren @ HSG = M.ariana Laine
Chanel@ExquisiteCourtesan = Janelle Regier
Copcraigs = Burt
Femme Fatale = Jessica Brooks
Fred Zed @ Terb = Francis Makupatti
Garden Of Eden = Julien Jean P ierre = Danforth Village Auto
HOF = Kevin Fitzpatrick ( suicide )
Jillian @ Cupids = Christina M.orsehead
Justin @ Maximum = Alex
KBear = Brad = 905-270-4765
Lacey Lust = Shaylene Shaver
Lady Raven = Lenore Po
LadyTy = Teresa Yeoman
Mongrel 4U = Doug Little
Ms. Sarah = Linda Malcolm
Nicole King @ GOE = Nina Jean P ire
Peter @ Dream-m = Noel Kirk
Philip @ Toronto Passions = Philip T.sarnas
Ricky Spanish = Jim Coley
Riley Daniels = Shelly Ann Black
Sheiik @ Caerf = Scott H.ughes
Steph @ Vixens = Stephanie L.ekowsky
Sunshine = Katrina =
Taylor @ Mirage = Sharon ( hooker name - Brooklyn )
Wendy = husband - Steve Watso.n
Wilsonjso @ Caerf = Wilson Oliveria

Originally Posted by Bonbons

Hello all,
Yes, to confirm, BonBons is officially closed. The risk is not worth it for me. I have a family and I have no idea how this new law will be enforced. I had to do it quietly, otherwise, I would not have had any girls or clients left in the last few weeks. I still had bills to pay, therefore that was the best plan of action for me. I am sorry for any of you who were texted unsolicited. I knew nothing about that. If there is a new agency starting up, I am not part of it, nor did I know anything about that either. All that was done behind my back. I was wondering why all the text history was deleted off the booking phone when I got it back last night. Now I know why. Anyway, none of that matters anymore. 

I really enjoyed my time pre-agency when I was an independent. I have a ton of fond memories from that time in my life. I worked really hard as an agency owner to run a professional business through all the ups and downs. Trust me, it is not an easy business to be in. And very hard to run a straight up agency in this industry. Most sp's don't take it seriously or follow policy or procedure because there are no consequences. What are we gonna do...take them to court? Call the police? No. So they know if they they just don't show up, or they damage things in the condo, or steal things or money, that there is nothing we can do. While I was cleaning out the condos I noticed that someone stole a toaster, frying pans, pots, baking dishes, sheets, and I'm sure toiletries and condoms regulary too, but that is hard to see. Who steals kitchen appliances??? Candy Cane stole approx $1000 from the agency on her last two shifts, then, when a client had arrived, she was texted that he was there, and no response. She had bailed. Gone. I think she was in cahoots with a couple other girls, cause 3 of them just bailed on us within 2 days and all 3 stole from us. 

Anyway, it's just the industry. I really wish it would have been legalized and regulated because then it could have been run properly and agencies and providers would have to face consequences if they were not following the rules. We had a lot of really wonderful girls. Girls I will remember fondly. I do have to say that over the 2.5 years we were in business that Brandy was our best provider ever. She always showed up for work. Never called in sick. followed policy and procedure to a T. The condo was always clean at the end of her shift. She never stole from us, there was never any drama with her. She was very active on our private forum. She was an amazing provider. Always friendly. Always amazing. I highly recommend her all around. If anyone would like candid info on any of the former Bonbons sp's, send me a PM, I will gladly share. There is nothing in it for me anyway. I am out of the business and out of the industry. I am moving on with a non-industry business. 

It has been a ride. Good times, bad times, great parties! I have to say I always enjoyed the parties! It was great getting to know some of you. I wish
 you all the best....and please, play safe!


FFS this is nothing but a pile of steaming shit Andy. Full of contradictory holes.

1) you say in another thread LE is PISSED that Ron used them to bust his competition yet you repeatedly imply that he is left alone in Markham because he collabo'd with LE. You can't have it both ways greekster. Which is it? 

2) Zoran never stopped sending girls to Markham or the Airport as you state. Well at least not right up until he was busted Lol. 

3) Once again re the collabo issue: if Ron is the rat you claim him to be why are you then turning around saying YRP is now watching him? One presumes they were already very well aware of him no? Why the sudden turnabout.

4) LE are focused on busting pimps for trafficking minors, dealing drugs, coercion, etc. If someone now rats Ron out, for sure they will have to investigate but all he has to do is point to these threads that he's being set up. 

5) I would find "Ron the Rat" story more credible if this happened way back last year when Entourage was a strong competitor, rockin with London, Natalia, etc etc. But c'mon, TGF is pretty strong with Sebelle, Melina, Marisol, Aimee etc etc, all good girls and great reviews. I doubt Ron was even giving Entourage a second thought this year pfffffffffft. 

6) Ron is too busy snorting the coke YOU supplied him/TGF to ever mastermind such a diabolical take down of Entourage. 

In conclusion Andy, you can rant and rave and blame and point fingers all you want. But your story is simply not plausible. You/DM are the ones that suddenly stopped operating in Markham in January. Hmmmm. You are the egomaniac ranting for years you will be king of the escort world in Toronto by knocking out your competitors. Hmmmmm.

Ockham's Razor. "Other things being equal, a simpler explanation is better than a more complex one".


Dog goes woof, cat goes meow.
Bird goes tweet, and mouse goes squeak.
Cow goes moo. Frog goes croak, and the elephant goes toot.
Ducks say quack and fish go blub, and the seal goes OW OW OW.
But there's one sound that no one knows...


Threaten guy in the mall.
Threaten guy in the mall.
Threaten guy in the mall.


Write fake emails to frame guy!
Write fake emails to frame guy!
Write fake emails to frame guy!


False Statement to police.
False Statement to police.
False Statement to police.


Big blue eyes, pointy nose, chasing mice, and digging holes.
Tiny paws, up the hill, suddenly you're standing still.
Your fur is red, so beautiful, like an angel in disguise.
But if you meet a friendly horse, will you communicate by mo-o-o-o-orse, mo-o-o-o-orse, mo-o-o-o-orse?
How will you speak to that h-o-o-orse, h-o-o-orse, h-o-o-orse?


White women are above the law. 
White women are above the law. 
White women are above the law.


Police will protect my illegal prostitution.
Police will protect my illegal prostitution.
Police will protect my illegal prostitution.


I can’t be sued or put in jail.
I can’t be sued or put in jail.
I can’t be sued or put in jail.


The secret of the fox, ancient mystery.
Somewhere deep in the woods, I know you're hiding.
What is your sound? Will we ever know?
Will always be a mystery what do you say?

You're my guardian angel hiding in the woods.
What is your sound? ( police misconduct, police misconduct )
Will we ever know? ( malicious prosecution, malicious prosecution )
I want to, I want to, I want to know! ( fuck the justice system )

He Fucked Me - Then I PAID Him

Hello Johns,

I’m a hooker called Chanel @ Exquisite Courtesan

I had to leave the sex industry due to the continued harassment of some psycho named Batman57.

He kept harassing me, so I had to put him in jail, but for the protection of my girls I also had to conceal my friend, Lolita. He said I made a false statement to police.

He also told the court I sent some guy to threaten him in the mall, then googled me and found out about my friend Renato Tonani in Scarborough and a business we own called R***** Entertainment.

I felt scared.

If Batman57 tries to book you beware. He’s a psycho. He also did the following.

Reported my business on Bay Street.
Reported my business on Victoria Street.
Reported my business on Yonge Street.
Made a blog about me and other Terb businesses.
Tracked me to my home.
Told my Mom and aunt that I’m a hooker.
Harassment by phone and email.
Tried to get the police to put me in jail.
Sued me in court costing me expensive legal fees.

In the end he fucked me completely, and not in the good naked way, but the abusive harassing way, and then I had to pay him 1,000 dollars as a settlement.

Now I know how you johns feel, as losers who have to pay for it...

ha ha...

xoxo Chanel

h t t p : / / m a p p s 5 7 a . b l o g s p o t . c a

h t t p : / / m a p p s 5 7 a . b l o g s p o t . c a

Latest Batman57 email that was sent to all the agencies in Toronto
This email might have info that may help if you are having a problem with Batman57

Memo To Employees

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of:

Bonbons, Caerf, Cashmere Spa, Copycraigs, Cupids, Dream-makers, Exquisite Courtesan, Eye Candy, Garden Of Eden, High Society, Maximum, Minx, Mirage, Room-mates, Sassy, Select, S-p411, Terb, Toronto Girlfriends, Toronto Passions, Top Drawer, Tristans and Vixens.


Because of the mafia hit-man you hired, I can’t get into trouble for harassment or you will be charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER.


Memo To Employees:


Unrequited Love.

This one’s for my love Taylor. 

You sound so sweet, I wanna put my little brown guy deep inside your tight, squishy hole and drop a big load of sticky sperm right into your loving womb.

Cum to my house anytime, honey bunch. 

You know where I live.


Plan A) Destruction

I was mad at Bonbons for not including me in the contests to win free stuff, so I outed the following ILLEGAL brothels:

Bonbons = xxxx xxxx Street, Unit xxxx
Garden Of Eden = xxxx xxxx Street, Unit xxxx
Vixens = xxxx Of xxxx, Unit xxxx

Completely legal to report illegal prostitution in my community.

The letters were sent on March 1st, 2014.


Plan B) Fake Deliveries: February 28, 2014

I sent some Swiss Chalet delivery to the following addresses:

xxxx xxxx Way - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-704-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 647-989-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Laneway - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-560-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-410-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-929-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 647-835-xxxx

I sent a pizza delivery to these people:

xxxx xxxx Way - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 647-762-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-857-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-657-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Of xxxx - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-221-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 647-884-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-998-xxxx

I sent a taxi to the following people:

xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( xxxx ) 647-340-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Way - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-488-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Mews - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 647-966-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-597-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-757-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-262-xxxx


Plan C) Fake Appointments and Phone Spam

I booked the following appointments and CANCELLED:

February 27: 9:00 : Tequila @ Bonbons
February 27: 9:00 : Julia @ Vixens
February 27: 9:00 : Blue @ Toronto Passions
February 27: 9:30 : Annika @ Cupids

My name was:

Walter xxxx
80 xxxx Street East 
Suite xxx

The Cupids woman screamed at me, saying I’m an asshole.

After I got mad so I spammed the phone lines of these three agencies. 

Gotta say, that Toronto Passions chick Carolyn is hot sounding. Looks like you have some competition Taylor.

Steph said “ God your a loser ”, I think she knew who it was.

... and that leaves the Cupids girl, who wrote me saying she’s done nothing to me, but Karma’s a Bitch. Her personal phone is 416 - 998 - xxxx, if you want to talk to her.


Plan D) Website Destruction

TERB is still letting people on his website, but the amount of new people has slowed to a crawl.

I also spammed a private message as “Congress” telling some Independent advertisers I would out them as BBFS providers and book and cancel, if they continue to advertise on Terb.

Plus the usual spam for X.X.X, S-Pee 411 and Oce ANUS.


Plan E) Hotel Room Chaos

Some girl told me when she comes to a hotel room, the keys are hidden in a public place. Her exact story was “ I was told to find the keys, and when I opened the packet I found seven different keys, so I think a lot of ladies use this hotel.”

I suspect this agency was using the crappy-craig system, so ***fingers crossed***, the keys are hidden in a public spot, because girls wouldn’t want to go to the front desk and show ID’s to get keys.

That means I could also find the keys, screwing copy-craigs and all the dumb fucks who use his agency.

He he he he he he.

Oh, and before I forget Coffee Craig: YOU SUCK !!!


and finally I didn’t forget about:

Plan F) The “Go Away Hookers” sign that I used at xxxx xxxx Street because Dave@Mirage threatened to beat me to death.

I thought “coming out of the closet” was second nature to you fag, but you continue to hide from me like the scared shit you are.


Plan G) The 222 - TIPS website. Hi Nicole.

Plan H) How I took over Ron’s condo @ TGF or the run in with Carmen’s really big, really strong husband who could squash me like a bug @ HSG. Yikes !!!

Also : 

The plan to lock Ricky Spanish ( known as Dicky Spinach / Jim Coley ) in JAIL.

and what about the post-it notes, the voice altering device, the death threats on my computer and banging on the Bonbons door from the hallway...

Lots more to come pimps. 

I’m having a lot of fun.

There’s a reason I run this town. 

I rule !!!





Bow down before your new LORD and MASTER, THE PIMP DADDY OF TORONTO.


The 110 pound little brown guy with asperger’s syndrome, you know and love as, BATMAN 57.

Hooray !!!

P.S. - Please don’t murder me. I feel scared.