Friday, February 3, 2017

Bad Mira’ge Experience - terrible customer service.
I decided to write this because it happened to me a couple of times with M’irage and FetishStudios and never happened with any other agency, never!!!

Ok, so I decided to see Lauren today during my launch break and got her booked for 12 (left office 10 min early), figured I could make the little man happy and fill my belly with food all within the hour (did that before with other agencies). 

Booking was easy and seamless. I called 3 min before 12 to let her know I was coming. She called me back at 12 and gave me the buzzer. I try do buzz but it says that the buzzer is wrong, I try again and again... Call the girl again, she says I'm at the wrong entrance (well there was nothing wrong with it in fact it had the place's name right above it), so I ask why wouldn't she tell me earlier which entrance I should use and I walk around the building. I buzz and there is no response, some lady walks up starts looking at the buzzer, tries to ask something... I buzz again, after a few dial tones door opens. As I enter the building there is reception to the left so I figured that's where the elevators are and walked down. Wrong guess, I turn around. Going right there are two choices, I take the first choice and it was wrong, I walk back certain that the final choice of direction would be the final. Now the girl said that I should take the middle elevator for the guests. I saw only two elevators, but the guest one said guests on it and it was very up high. After a couple minute wait I got inside and went up. At the exit there were two choices again. The condo doesn't have arrows and numbers as they usually do. So I go right this time. Wrong choice again. After some bouncing around I finally find THE DOOR. I knock and NOBODY answers. I looked at my watch and realized that I just spend 10 minutes bouncing around like a billiard ball because the agency did not provide a proper explanation on how to get to the unit only to find out that nobody would answer the door (the girls must have been taken by the anticipation of our date). 

I left frustrated, called the girl to tell her that I'm out and she says why didn't you call me when you were at the door. Well I did that once when I saw Bunny (she wouldn't open the door as well at different location, I actually kept knocking for 2 min) and the moment I got connected with the girl some old lady came out and wouldn't leave, she just kept staring at me and I had to try not to make it obvious that I was there to see sp, it was a shitty experience I don't want to repeat, besides, do you really want people to be calling you when they are at the door so that the NEIGHBORS can know that there is a BROTHEL next door??? Some agencies even let you open the door so that there is no knocking every half hour!!!

At the end the girl just laughed and said "you have a good monday too" WTF? You just kept me bouncing like a yo-yo and that's what you say to me at the end suggesting that my frustration is unfounded? I did not yell or raise my voice I just said that I was frustrated that they couldn't make it work as seamless as others do and that I left. She probably thought I was angry, I was not and I am not. I'm Frustrated that somebody can be so disrespectful of my time.

I'll think twice before calling M’irage again.

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