Friday, February 3, 2017

He Fucked Me - Then I PAID Him

Hello Johns,

I’m a hooker called Chanel @ Exquisite Courtesan

I had to leave the sex industry due to the continued harassment of some psycho named Batman57.

He kept harassing me, so I had to put him in jail, but for the protection of my girls I also had to conceal my friend, Lolita. He said I made a false statement to police.

He also told the court I sent some guy to threaten him in the mall, then googled me and found out about my friend Renato Tonani in Scarborough and a business we own called R***** Entertainment.

I felt scared.

If Batman57 tries to book you beware. He’s a psycho. He also did the following.

Reported my business on Bay Street.
Reported my business on Victoria Street.
Reported my business on Yonge Street.
Made a blog about me and other Terb businesses.
Tracked me to my home.
Told my Mom and aunt that I’m a hooker.
Harassment by phone and email.
Tried to get the police to put me in jail.
Sued me in court costing me expensive legal fees.

In the end he fucked me completely, and not in the good naked way, but the abusive harassing way, and then I had to pay him 1,000 dollars as a settlement.

Now I know how you johns feel, as losers who have to pay for it...

ha ha...

xoxo Chanel

h t t p : / / m a p p s 5 7 a . b l o g s p o t . c a

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