Friday, February 3, 2017

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Latest Batman57 email that was sent to all the agencies in Toronto
This email might have info that may help if you are having a problem with Batman57

Memo To Employees

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of:

Bonbons, Caerf, Cashmere Spa, Copycraigs, Cupids, Dream-makers, Exquisite Courtesan, Eye Candy, Garden Of Eden, High Society, Maximum, Minx, Mirage, Room-mates, Sassy, Select, S-p411, Terb, Toronto Girlfriends, Toronto Passions, Top Drawer, Tristans and Vixens.


Because of the mafia hit-man you hired, I can’t get into trouble for harassment or you will be charged with ATTEMPTED MURDER.


Memo To Employees:


Unrequited Love.

This one’s for my love Taylor. 

You sound so sweet, I wanna put my little brown guy deep inside your tight, squishy hole and drop a big load of sticky sperm right into your loving womb.

Cum to my house anytime, honey bunch. 

You know where I live.


Plan A) Destruction

I was mad at Bonbons for not including me in the contests to win free stuff, so I outed the following ILLEGAL brothels:

Bonbons = xxxx xxxx Street, Unit xxxx
Garden Of Eden = xxxx xxxx Street, Unit xxxx
Vixens = xxxx Of xxxx, Unit xxxx

Completely legal to report illegal prostitution in my community.

The letters were sent on March 1st, 2014.


Plan B) Fake Deliveries: February 28, 2014

I sent some Swiss Chalet delivery to the following addresses:

xxxx xxxx Way - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-704-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 647-989-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Laneway - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-560-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-410-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-929-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 647-835-xxxx

I sent a pizza delivery to these people:

xxxx xxxx Way - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 647-762-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-857-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-657-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Of xxxx - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-221-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 647-884-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-998-xxxx

I sent a taxi to the following people:

xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( xxxx ) 647-340-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Way - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-488-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Mews - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 647-966-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-597-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-757-xxxx
xxxx xxxx Street - Unit xxxx ( as xxxx ) 416-262-xxxx


Plan C) Fake Appointments and Phone Spam

I booked the following appointments and CANCELLED:

February 27: 9:00 : Tequila @ Bonbons
February 27: 9:00 : Julia @ Vixens
February 27: 9:00 : Blue @ Toronto Passions
February 27: 9:30 : Annika @ Cupids

My name was:

Walter xxxx
80 xxxx Street East 
Suite xxx

The Cupids woman screamed at me, saying I’m an asshole.

After I got mad so I spammed the phone lines of these three agencies. 

Gotta say, that Toronto Passions chick Carolyn is hot sounding. Looks like you have some competition Taylor.

Steph said “ God your a loser ”, I think she knew who it was.

... and that leaves the Cupids girl, who wrote me saying she’s done nothing to me, but Karma’s a Bitch. Her personal phone is 416 - 998 - xxxx, if you want to talk to her.


Plan D) Website Destruction

TERB is still letting people on his website, but the amount of new people has slowed to a crawl.

I also spammed a private message as “Congress” telling some Independent advertisers I would out them as BBFS providers and book and cancel, if they continue to advertise on Terb.

Plus the usual spam for X.X.X, S-Pee 411 and Oce ANUS.


Plan E) Hotel Room Chaos

Some girl told me when she comes to a hotel room, the keys are hidden in a public place. Her exact story was “ I was told to find the keys, and when I opened the packet I found seven different keys, so I think a lot of ladies use this hotel.”

I suspect this agency was using the crappy-craig system, so ***fingers crossed***, the keys are hidden in a public spot, because girls wouldn’t want to go to the front desk and show ID’s to get keys.

That means I could also find the keys, screwing copy-craigs and all the dumb fucks who use his agency.

He he he he he he.

Oh, and before I forget Coffee Craig: YOU SUCK !!!


and finally I didn’t forget about:

Plan F) The “Go Away Hookers” sign that I used at xxxx xxxx Street because Dave@Mirage threatened to beat me to death.

I thought “coming out of the closet” was second nature to you fag, but you continue to hide from me like the scared shit you are.


Plan G) The 222 - TIPS website. Hi Nicole.

Plan H) How I took over Ron’s condo @ TGF or the run in with Carmen’s really big, really strong husband who could squash me like a bug @ HSG. Yikes !!!

Also : 

The plan to lock Ricky Spanish ( known as Dicky Spinach / Jim Coley ) in JAIL.

and what about the post-it notes, the voice altering device, the death threats on my computer and banging on the Bonbons door from the hallway...

Lots more to come pimps. 

I’m having a lot of fun.

There’s a reason I run this town. 

I rule !!!





Bow down before your new LORD and MASTER, THE PIMP DADDY OF TORONTO.


The 110 pound little brown guy with asperger’s syndrome, you know and love as, BATMAN 57.

Hooray !!!

P.S. - Please don’t murder me. I feel scared.

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