Friday, February 3, 2017

If the GOE owner threatened to kill you, let him try. No one has he balls to do it. Everyone is just so fucking threatening that's it's sickening. Unless it has something to do with the drug trade and the real heavy players are involved like the bikers, mafia, Chinese or Russians, it's just some loser shooting his mouth off.

If it is the bikers, mafia, Chinese or Russians, you should run far away and shut the fuck up. Those boys plays hardball. Just think of that SP they found dead in Caledon or the hooker found dead in the Port Lands both last year.
It's easy for you to say let him try but I feel sympathies for this guy and would be scared out of my wits to have agency or pimp threaten me with death. I know for sure I would report it , if not I would be worried everywhere I go for long time. More so if any drove girls to my house and knew were I live. 

I am getting turned off from the hobby by these agency pimps, lots of bad things happening and I hear about lots that don't even get published. toronto used to be such nice city for hobby, no one ever bother anyone and you hardly hear drama stories. now it feels more and more like Montreal, where I used to hobby a lot but no more. where it's all controlled by "certain entities" and now it's true a lot of that is here too sadly.

Anyways I send wishes of safety and peace to the batman57.


KBear = real name BRAD = ( 905 ) 270 - 4765 or ( 416 ) 254 - 7808

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