Friday, February 3, 2017

h t t p : / / m a p p s 5 7 a . b l o g s p o t . c a

Congratulations Mr. Pete McCay and Conservative Government for your wise decision to finally take a stand and protect our young women from the dangers of prostitution.

On the laws specifically, I would like to applaud the following:

x - Not to operate anywhere near someone younger then 18.

Now my kids can feel safe in the apartment building where they live and walk safely to school without being asked if they “want a good time”. 

x - Don’t advertise sexual services.

Finally the internet will be cleansed of explicit images of naked prostitutes exposing their tits and pussies for anyone, even young kids, to see.

x - Anti - Pimp Laws.

Now if men want to make money in the sex industry, instead of exploiting others, all they need to do is bend over and relax.

Cum in Mouth WITH SWALLOW anyone ???

x - Anti - John Laws.

Forget fines, these rapists should be locked away, in a place where they can have tons of sex, for free, as long as they spread their ass cheeks and lube their bum bum.

Perfect for them and their sex addiction. Unlimited greek.

P.S. When I ask a prostitute for a “menu”, ( where she will still be paid to do nothing ), it will be at her low wage job at McDonald’s, and yes, I do want fries with that shake.

Hooray !!!



Well, I tell you criminal scum how its going...


Let’s take a tally of the damage so far:

Bonbons - Closed for good.

High Society - Stopped posting their schedule.

Toronto Girlfriends - Fucking Ron has his neighbors to worry about. That was me.

S.P..4..1.1. - Those bitch moderators chose to dis-respect me again, and I threatened back reviews, plus I outed that jerk “Mongy”, so he got scared and left.

C.a.e.r.f. - I made my ( un ) pleasant return, but no one is on that BORED. Stupid fucker Oce-ANUS left, so now it just 10 circle jerk losers blowing each other.

... and there’s 


Stupid fucking Fred shut down his website, and I shut his registration for two weeks. He’s only let in maybe 10 people.

... and I HACKED into his accounts, making me INVINCIBLE.

That fuck will have his website destroyed, and when he is DESTROYED, the whole fucking sex industry falls with him.


Take that fucking pimps.

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