Friday, February 3, 2017

h t t p : / / m a p p s 5 7 a . b l o g s p o t . c a

Let`s take a look at what`s happened to Sh.eik during the past year and a bit in no specific order...

1. 4Play is busted and shut down over child prostitution charges. S.heik instead of laying-low, publically defends 4Play`s pimp who was arrested and is awaiting trial on chrages including holding an underage prostitute against her will and forcing her to work. Extra, unwanted attention is now brought to Terb.

2. Hughes Truss goes bankrupt. It seems that the companys CEO Hu.ghes was dedicating more time surfing Terb as his alias Sh-eik than running the business his father created almost 50 years ago.

3. Because of his daddy`s roofing business going under, S.heik loses his huge house in the Scarborough Bluff`s and also his pickup truck. He is now what you`d call middle class.

4. Sh.eik`s whore girlfriend Angela aka Raven of Exquisite, GOE and Cachet hooker fame decides she`s had enough of the useless retard and kicks his sorry broke ass to the curb. She is presently selling her body as an indy on Craigslist.

5. Paki Fred Zed has enough of Sh.eik and he too puts his foot down. Shei.k goes into hiding without an explanation, but the boards have gotten to him and he is no doubt burned-out. He is presently working as a salesman and hopes to create his own board someday. Don`t worry folks, he will return. He`s dedicated over 10 years to the Toronto sex industry and he can`t give it up. There`s no hope for the hopeless.

6. He is still a retarded, deaf ginger.

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