Friday, February 3, 2017

FFS this is nothing but a pile of steaming shit Andy. Full of contradictory holes.

1) you say in another thread LE is PISSED that Ron used them to bust his competition yet you repeatedly imply that he is left alone in Markham because he collabo'd with LE. You can't have it both ways greekster. Which is it? 

2) Zoran never stopped sending girls to Markham or the Airport as you state. Well at least not right up until he was busted Lol. 

3) Once again re the collabo issue: if Ron is the rat you claim him to be why are you then turning around saying YRP is now watching him? One presumes they were already very well aware of him no? Why the sudden turnabout.

4) LE are focused on busting pimps for trafficking minors, dealing drugs, coercion, etc. If someone now rats Ron out, for sure they will have to investigate but all he has to do is point to these threads that he's being set up. 

5) I would find "Ron the Rat" story more credible if this happened way back last year when Entourage was a strong competitor, rockin with London, Natalia, etc etc. But c'mon, TGF is pretty strong with Sebelle, Melina, Marisol, Aimee etc etc, all good girls and great reviews. I doubt Ron was even giving Entourage a second thought this year pfffffffffft. 

6) Ron is too busy snorting the coke YOU supplied him/TGF to ever mastermind such a diabolical take down of Entourage. 

In conclusion Andy, you can rant and rave and blame and point fingers all you want. But your story is simply not plausible. You/DM are the ones that suddenly stopped operating in Markham in January. Hmmmm. You are the egomaniac ranting for years you will be king of the escort world in Toronto by knocking out your competitors. Hmmmmm.

Ockham's Razor. "Other things being equal, a simpler explanation is better than a more complex one".

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