Friday, February 3, 2017

I have a plan to help you

Hi Ricky,

I have a plan to help end the war between GSS and 4 1 1, and I’m proposing the same plan to Chase today.

If you agree to this and Chase doesn’t, you will be a hero and he will be hated. If you both agree, then everyone wins.

I am offering to become a member of your board with my Ms. Sarah handle. This will prove to everyone that I’m not taking sides.

I am asking you to post a thread stating the following:

· Admit you’ve made mistakes.

· Apologize for outing other industry members.

· You will no longer allowing outings to be posted.

· You will delete all posts that have outed people.

· You will ban anyone who attempts to out others from now on.

I am asking you to open up your board to new members.

There will always be people who hate you. There will always be people who will never forgive and never forget, and you might still face legal consequences.

But there will also be many new members who don’t know and don’t care

We all learn from our past mistakes and move on.

I stopped reading your board a week ago (too much stress in life already).

Please contact me at or, to let me know when I can join your board, or if you have any questions.

Thank you for considering my request.


 02-13-2014, 01:45 AM

Posts: n/a

Ms. Sarah.

Can you STFU already. No one cares. I'm the same guy you harassed, and I was sick of you days before you sent me your stupid request on Care-f to talk, and I'm getting even sicker of you now.

No one cares about your stupid crusade to help people because these fucks are not in danger of harassment, rape, murder, because no one cares about a bunch of butt ugly meat-bags, including yourself.

Get a life bitch. If you just log off and wait a month, when you log in you will see NO ONE WILL MENTION YOU OR EVEN NOTICE YOU ARE GONE.

You claim to be intelligent, but you are a stupid person, and you want to draw attention to your dumb theories about saving people and legal action, and EVERYONE has read your crap. Now it is up to THEM to take action, not YOU.

Let THEM defend themseleves, while you LOG OFF and go back to the psycho ward like the crazzzzzzzzzy bitch you are. You hear me bitch, LOG OFF, you dumb psycho.

stupid cunt, stop the crazy. GET HELP. You are more fucked up then me, and I'm "DESCARTES" the craziest fucker out there. GET HELP.

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