Friday, February 10, 2017

Lynn Ha = Disgusting Behaviour

Gotta say I've been totally disgusted by your cartoons mocking (T-xxx)’s problems, rumours of Fred's death, and portraying the other board owner and his troll buddy of being heroes for hacking (T-xxx). 

Extremely crass and classless imo.

You started that thread dissing (T-xxx). And you kept it going with your cartoons, all while giving a rim job to whoever "Chase" is.[/QUOTE]

No sarcasm here. I hate those stupid "fun threads". A lot of them are anything but.

Actually Lynn what happened was this. What you did was wrong, and here is why. [ EDIT ]

In other words your little cartoons show support for these actions and the people who seek to hurt people involved in the industry. And you did it to curry favor for the sole purpose to increase your business. 

I didn't have an issue with your harmless but generally annoying little threads. They were obviously within board rules. But this is far more serious. Something I'm quite concerned with. 

Quite frankly I have to ask what kind of a person would support these types of actions. And the only conclusions I keep reaching is someone who is a bad person. Someone who would be capable of the same actions. 

Truly sad.[/QUOTE]

X2 saw the same thing yesterday ,I put her on ignore today.

I've been dying to do that. Dont want to be unkind (and I am sure she has her many fans) but while I can simply bypass her threads she sometimes pops up on others ... How do you put someone on “ignore"?

Lynn, you're well aware that a certain troll harassed and threatened many people in the adult industry. 

And you think what he does is funny? I find your ignorance to be appalling and think you've disrespected everyone in the adult industry who's been affected by him.

But hey, you "enjoy" his threads so none of that matters, right?

Are you kidding? She openly praises, congratulates and encourages criminal activity! 

Day after day, week after week, month after month. This isn't a momentary lapse in judgement.

[QUOTE=SchlongConery;1359392] What is funny about hacking (T-xxxx)?
What is funny about making cartoons portraying someone you admit you "know the history and agree he is dangerous”?[/QUOTE]

Being blunt, when Lynn tries to renew her advertising, I think that everyone knows where Fred should tell her where to stick her money. Seriously Lynn, do your research you ignorant woman.

I'm sorry but it's high time that someone called Lynn out on her bullshit.

I know a couple girls who were affected because of his bullshit and to see Lynn act like it's all a big joke pisses me off. 

He's put the safety of people in the adult industry at risk and that stupid little woman acts like it's funny?!

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