Friday, February 3, 2017

Message to TRAC

Hello Agencies,

It's the Justice League.

Some of you pledged friendship to me, therefore as President of the Council, I'm requesting that the following agencies are denied membership:

Exquisite Courtesan
Garden Of Eden
Terb / Merb / Perb
Toronto Girlfriends

If they are allowed membership, I'll feel upset. 

You promised me you would be friendly to me, so carry out my instructions. This is not a request.

Wishing you the best of luck ( your gonna need it )


President and CEO of TRAC

King, Supreme Ruler and God of the Hookers.


Getting Back On Trac

Many people are asking about the council.

I can guarantee, the person with this idea is most likely Andy, yeah that Andy, and the founding members are all his friends. The leadership is already in dispute, technically the head of the council is also a founding member of their predecessor, the justice league of pimps.

The genesis of this group is they banded together to fight one person, a problem john who caused a lot of trouble, and kept emailing them numerous times with tons of demented garbage.

And so now they think they can bring respect to the industry. Is it real or just a smoke screen? Only time will tell. With all due respect, I wish them well, but in the history books of this business, most likely the website will disappear within a month.

Oh, and the problem john. It’s not who they say he is, but what he does that defines him.


Hello T.R.A.C.,

My name is Stephanie Lekowsky and I’m the owner of a pimp agency called Vixens.

I hired a woman who called herself Dallis, then she wanted to move on with her life and leave my company.

When she was leaving, I THREATENED her, by telling my husband Steve to inform her family that she is a hooker.

My plan was to make sure she felt scared she was outed to her family, so that she would remain a hooker and make me tons of money, and provide my husband Steve with her vagina every night.

Please forgive me for being an abusive pimp.
Please forgive me for trafficking hookers, by forcing them to work.
Please forgive me for my threats and abuse.

If the kind members of the council are not willingly to forgive there is a person named BATMAN, who may bring me to justice for my crimes.

I feel scared of the Batman.

Very scared.

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