Friday, February 3, 2017

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Hello all,
Yes, to confirm, BonBons is officially closed. The risk is not worth it for me. I have a family and I have no idea how this new law will be enforced. I had to do it quietly, otherwise, I would not have had any girls or clients left in the last few weeks. I still had bills to pay, therefore that was the best plan of action for me. I am sorry for any of you who were texted unsolicited. I knew nothing about that. If there is a new agency starting up, I am not part of it, nor did I know anything about that either. All that was done behind my back. I was wondering why all the text history was deleted off the booking phone when I got it back last night. Now I know why. Anyway, none of that matters anymore. 

I really enjoyed my time pre-agency when I was an independent. I have a ton of fond memories from that time in my life. I worked really hard as an agency owner to run a professional business through all the ups and downs. Trust me, it is not an easy business to be in. And very hard to run a straight up agency in this industry. Most sp's don't take it seriously or follow policy or procedure because there are no consequences. What are we gonna do...take them to court? Call the police? No. So they know if they they just don't show up, or they damage things in the condo, or steal things or money, that there is nothing we can do. While I was cleaning out the condos I noticed that someone stole a toaster, frying pans, pots, baking dishes, sheets, and I'm sure toiletries and condoms regulary too, but that is hard to see. Who steals kitchen appliances??? Candy Cane stole approx $1000 from the agency on her last two shifts, then, when a client had arrived, she was texted that he was there, and no response. She had bailed. Gone. I think she was in cahoots with a couple other girls, cause 3 of them just bailed on us within 2 days and all 3 stole from us. 

Anyway, it's just the industry. I really wish it would have been legalized and regulated because then it could have been run properly and agencies and providers would have to face consequences if they were not following the rules. We had a lot of really wonderful girls. Girls I will remember fondly. I do have to say that over the 2.5 years we were in business that Brandy was our best provider ever. She always showed up for work. Never called in sick. followed policy and procedure to a T. The condo was always clean at the end of her shift. She never stole from us, there was never any drama with her. She was very active on our private forum. She was an amazing provider. Always friendly. Always amazing. I highly recommend her all around. If anyone would like candid info on any of the former Bonbons sp's, send me a PM, I will gladly share. There is nothing in it for me anyway. I am out of the business and out of the industry. I am moving on with a non-industry business. 

It has been a ride. Good times, bad times, great parties! I have to say I always enjoyed the parties! It was great getting to know some of you. I wish
 you all the best....and please, play safe!


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