Friday, February 3, 2017

True Review of Victoria Catherina #(416) 700-6695

There's no use posting this on any other review board because it will just be taken down or torn to pieces by her lapdogs and that's not going to happen here I'm sure.
Curiosity of this one got the better of me, and as the ultimate TOFT I decided to book a 2hr session with her just to see if she's all they claim, and she's not.
Tits are warn like saggy deflated milk bags. Mouth that never stops flapping with drama and lies. You'll shove your cock in it just for a bit of peace and quiet, not because you're turned on believe me. Shit talking, gossiping, and bad mouthing about other sps non stop. Her pussy smells worse then her breath and that's really fucking bad! Sour, nearly bitter taste downstairs made DATY impossible, and her rancid coffee breath made DFK a nightmare.
This chick kept bragging about things that no one would ever care about, talking about how wonderful she is, how perfect her life is, and how other girls are poor unfortunate souls that will never amount to the greatness she's accomplished in her life. ffs woman stfu!
I tried like hell to fuck her and at least get some of my moneys worth but it was too late. I was so turned off from her lips (both sets and in numerous ways) I couldn't wait to dismount and get the fuck out of there.
I pretended I got an important call from work and left a hhr early. Didn't care about the cost. I just wanted out!
Called one of my stand bys, booked a quick hhr and got 500x better for less then a 1/4 of the price.
VC face 4/10 (could be a 6 or better if she put a little effort into it)
VC body 8/10 (I like curvy girls)
VC attitude 0/10 (my skin still crawls when I think of that day)
VC atmosphere 7/10 (decent location)
repeat not even if she paid me!
She may have been on special but I'm telling ya there is nothing special about VC!

So there you have it, a true review. The good, the bad and the stinky on Victoria Catherina #(416) 700-6695 save your money!

VC if you ever read this take a lesson and not an offense from it. Keep your mouth shut about other working girls and keep the drama out of your job. No one wants to hear about it and if we did we'd either read it ourselves or ask you directly, and proper hygiene goes a long way in this game. Douche. Brush your teeth and just be clean when you take a call god damn it! There's nothing worse then going down on a girl and wanting vomit due to the smell.


Illegal Prostitution

Exquisite Courtesan

761 Bay Street
Unit 2905
Buzz # 180

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