Friday, February 3, 2017

WTF Sara so you think you're funny guy David Letterman with a Top 10 List? 

don't kid yourself, you have made too many enemies to count and your years of acting like a street level PIMP have finally caught up to you. Time to pay the piper you cunt.

See above. 

No "former RM SP" said anything, that was YOU Sara in damage control mode. I do note you have Kristen so scared she has to resort to kissing your ass on terb. In reality I know she can't fucking stand you and couldn't wait to leave. Why is she AND others scared? Hmmm let's ask Jazz/Carmen shall we? She recently posted on terb you went nuts and threatened to plaster her full pictures all over the internet to out her to friends/family. Of course it was deleted but anyone can ask her about it for TRUTH. You do same to almost everyone who leaves you lousy pimp. And you should hang your fucking head in shame for that & what you are doing to Heidi.

YOU Sara are the only ONE claiming that is not the case. Many well known members of terb have tried to post warnings and you had each and every one of them deleted.

That is YOUR mantra Sara all over this board. If so why are all the girls leaving and why are the ones still left so desperate for money? They tell anyone who will listen how dead it is. You are being smashed by the $100 asians and spanish who are every bit as good as any of your girls and they OWN Yonge/College now.

So you finally admit that you "watch the girls" and we all already know you have audio too which is fucking disgusting; see street level PIMP above. Will you ever admit to the hidden cameras in the rooms also? You know, the ones to make sure the girls don't give their #'s to clients or do extras for upsell $$ that you can't get your greedy hands on? Or to see someone like me do the unthinkable and counsel a crying unhappy girl and then I get banned? Thank christ all you have on me after all this time is a fake name and disposable phone, otherwise I'd hate to think of what you might try.

If you say so, then it doesn't surprise me you raised such a fucking twisted up dude.

See above. In addition to his bitter revenge threats perhaps he has an Oedipus Complex?

C'mon now you know HOF doesn't frequent your "upscale establishment". You and Andy have to make do with the likes of Demien, the biggest asshole SHILL on the boards.

Want to expand to a Top 20 List Sara? Bring it on because this is only the beginning. This ain't no one-little-girl-Heidi-show like you are trying to convince everyone. You have the dubious distinction of having a dedicated team outing you for what you really are. There's a blog floating around through the back channels for those of us, clients like me who buttered your bread loyally only to have you turn and treat us like shit. In addition to the mega grief you've caused to a lot of girls and now you are going to have to suck it up buttercup and take it like a champ.


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