Monday, March 6, 2017

Message To:

Toronto Police Chief
51 Division Staff
Residents who suffer from illegal pimping
Exploited young women who are victims of the pimps


We are Mothers Against Police & Pimp Scum, known as MAPPS. We were formed after one of our valued members was arrested for reporting illegal prostitution at 220 Victoria Street on March 6th, 2014 at 5:00 and brought to 51 Division under illegal false arrest.

The police explained that reporting illegal prostitution was harassment. When this member said she was threatened with murder, nothing was done to the pimps. The charges were later dropped, because the police are conducting an illegal cover up and were wrong to arrest this person simply for reporting illegal pimps.

This member found out that the police protect the pimps in the following ways:

Never shut down illegal prostitution businesses.
Never arrest the pimps.
Arrest innocent people who report the pimps and pimp activity.
Illegally extorting the pimps for cash and freebies.

I have informed the chief of police, the person in charge of 51 Division and the officers that arrested our founding member, about the following illegal prostitution at:

Exquisite Courtesan
761 Bay Street
Unit 2905
Buzz #180
416 - 832 - 1626

Garden Of Eden
386 Yonge Street
Unit 4808
Buzz 1344
run by a person identified as “Morgan”
416 - 410 - 5033

736 Bay Street
Unit 1502
Buzz - “George”
647 - 989 - 9849

Toronto Girlfriends
167 Church Street
Unit 1411
Buzz 8735
416 - 787 - 8558

20 Blue Jays Way
Unit 1815
Buzz 1302
416 - 966 - 6966

Because the police are also criminal trash, nothing will be done to the pimps, but the police know who I am, and I could end up in jail for harassing the police and their pimp friends.

Fuck The Police.

P.S. This message will be used as spam to shut down an illegal website called which is illegal for advertising the sexual services of exploited young women. Of course the police won’t shut them down, because the police are shit.